Cómo adquirir la golden visa en Dubai

Spanish Golden Visa for Dubai Residents: How to obtain it?

What is the Golden Visa in Dubai? Before beginning to explain the management process to obtain this residence permit we must make it very clear what is the Golden Visa in Dubai and for whom this visa is intended. The Act on support for entrepreneurs and their internationalisation, 14/2013, of 27 September, established as a novelty the possibility of obtaining this visa for investors.

It is, therefore, a residence visa very different from the traditional non-profit residence card. The conditions for its application are different and its guarantees are also different. Thanks to the Golden Visa, both the person interested in Dubai and their relatives can enter and stay in Spanish territory. The first visa is valid for one year, but it is possible to apply for subsequent residence, which will be renewed every two years.

This golden residence card allows a profile of very specific non-EU citizens to emigrate to Dubai:

  • Professionals with high qualifications in their sector.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to invest in United Arabs Emirates.
  • Foreign investors.
  • Scientific research professionals.
  • Employees of multinational companies, who are transferred to the same company in Spain.

Requirements to apply for the Spanish Golden Visa from Dubai

The Golden Visa application has requirements common to all visas for foreigners and residents. However, it also entails the fulfillment of specific requirements, especially focused on investment capital. Ródenas Abogados can help you throughout the process of applying for and obtaining this residence visa for investors and entrepreneurs. Our objective is to make it easier for you to apply for and advise you. Our law firm offers you all the guarantees you need to obtain your residence permit. We shorten deadlines and manage the entire application according to your interests.

Common requirements for all residents in Dubai

– Be of legal age. – Not be in an irregular situation in the country. – Not have a criminal record in Spain or in countries of previous residence. – Not to form part of the rejected persons in those countries with which Spain has agreements. – Have medical insurance with insurance companies that can operate in Spain. – Have sufficient economic resources to live in the country for the time granted. – Pay the corresponding fee.

Specific requirements for Golden Visa applicants

To apply for this visa for residence in Spain, residents of Dubai must meet at least one of the following requirements: – Investment of 2 million euros or more in Spanish public debt. – Investment of one million euros or more in business shares, bank deposits or social participation in Spain. – Own real estate that exceeds an investment cost of 500,000 euros. – Execute a business project in Spain of general interest.

In order for this requirement to be met, some of the following assumptions must be met: o Creation of jobs in the country. o Investment with a significant socioeconomic impact in the area in which the company’s activity is to be carried out. o Significant contribution in terms of technological and/or scientific innovation. If you wish to obtain such a specific visa, it is important to successfully prove that one of the above mentioned requirements is met.

For this, Ródenas Abogados can help you. Our law firm operates at an international level, since we have lawyers specialized in foreigners and investments all over the world. We activate our legal machinery quickly, in order to offer you a serious, professional and quality service.

Characteristics of the Spanish Residence Visa for Investors

According to article 65 of the Act on support for entrepreneurs and their internationalisation, obtaining a Golden Visa provides you with a one-year residence visa in Spain. Once this time has elapsed, if the applicant wishes to continue residing in the country, he/she must apply for a residence permit for investors. This authorization, if granted, is valid for two years. However, it is renewable for the same period of time in which it was initially granted.

The authorisation in question requires the fulfilment of certain fundamental requirements (in addition to those mentioned above): – Have a valid residence visa for investors (Golden Visa) or be within 90 days after its expiration. – Proof of having travelled to the country at least once since the visa was obtained. – Keep the initial investment at the same value or exceed it. In order to obtain the Golden Visa or visa for investors in Spain all the procedures detailed above must be fulfilled.

If you place yourself in the hands of expert lawyers in the field, such as Ródenas Abogados, the procedures will be much easier and quicker. Our legal team in Dubai will advise you at all times, in order to guarantee the fulfilment of your interests. Contact Ródenas Abogados and obtain your Golden Visa in Spain successfully and as soon as possible – we are your specialised legal team!


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