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Rodenas Abogados: Your Trusted Law Firm

The entire team at Rodenas Abogados has been carefully selected and evaluated by the lawyer and director of the firm, Mr. Pablo Ródenas de la Vega.

This lawyer has extensive experience in criminal and civil procedures and an international background and entrepreneurial spirit, which has led the firm to grow exponentially in recent years throughout Spain.

In addition, Mr. Pablo Ródenas studied for a double degree in Law and a Master’s in Stock Exchange and Financial Markets at “Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles de Madrid (IEB)” and has completed various specialized courses:

  • Master’s in International Business at EAE Business School Madrid and École Supérieure de Commerce Paris (IPAG), 100% in English.
  • Masters in Access to the Legal Profession.
  • Graduated from the European University of Madrid with a Master in Economic Criminal Law.
  • Specialized courses in Gender-Based Violence, Minors, and Penal Compliance.

Our main goal is extensive and ongoing training to offer innovative legal solutions adapted to the demands of the 21st century. At the same time, you hire a personalized and close approach from a traditional law firm.

We aim to ensure that all our clients feel confident that all entrusted matters are handled with the utmost seriousness and rigor.


We are a leading law firm in Spain with the primary goal of providing the best service to SMEs, individuals, professionals, and self-employed individuals.

We aim to provide unique and innovative legal services with creative and efficient strategic proposals.

1. Accessibility

We are an accessible law firm for all, offering relatively affordable prices, as our clients are our top priority.

2. Experience

We have extensive experience and a solid dedication to Law practicing, and our entire team embodies that passion, which is crucial for successful outcomes in all matters.

Additionally, we have an excellent international background and can handle cases in different languages, including Spanish, English and French.


To become the most significant legal and social firm at a national level, continuously generating professional and personal growth for our partners and collaborators, and to be the best defender of our client’s interests.

Since the inception of the family brand Rodenas Abogados in the legal sector in 1966, we have grown to become one of the most promising law firms in the country, with high expectations of expanding into other countries.

We are a law firm in complete evolution, allowing us to represent clients as the best choice for a lawyer in Madrid and throughout the national territory.

To achieve this, we have formed strong alliances with highly qualified lawyers in major cities across Spain.

Our Values

All our actions are guided by compliance with the Code of Ethics, professional ethics, and integrity in all aspects of our work.

1. Loyalty

Legal value of loyalty to the client.
Loyalty, commitment, and results.

Loyalty is the foundation that cements our relationship with clients and defines our professional ethics.

Our actions involve a moral and ethical commitment to those who trust us to defend their rights and interests.

Furthermore, the relationship of trust, experience, knowledge, and resources is essential to achieving high ethical standards and, therefore, the success of our clients.

2. Communication

Clients will always have full knowledge of what we are doing and the reasons behind each action to generate trust and ensure a successful legal process.

Listening to your concerns, needs, and objectives is essential for proper and personalized representation.

Lawyers need to be realistic and honest with their clients about the possibilities and risks of their cases, and we are clear about that from the beginning.

Legal value of communication with the client.
Effective communication with the lawyer.

3. Transparency

Valores de abogados: la transparencia
Transparency in each of the actions.

We never hide anything from our clients and do not create false expectations.

We act transparently and honestly, maintaining clear and open communication with our clients at every step of the legal process.

Our lawyers provide detailed information about the costs associated with the procedure, including the purpose of representation and the potential fees in the event of success.

4. Education

We place great importance on the training and experience of our lawyers, as these are fundamental aspects that make a difference in the quality of achieving the best results.

It enhances the ability to address complex issues and find creative and effective solutions.

In other words, this preparation and skill are essential to achieving successful outcomes and ensuring client satisfaction in every legal case.

Value of an honest lawyer.
Integrity and honesty are part of our DNA.

Are you interested in working at Rodenas Abogados?

Education is one of our main pillars, as knowledge combined with the practice of Law makes the difference between an excellent law firm and one that is not as successful.

All our professionals are specially selected to meet the firm’s high expectations and provide unparalleled service from the moment they walk through our doors seeking legal advice.

We offer a career plan, so you feel involved in all cases from day one. You will always be able to work alongside expert lawyers in the field and see rapid progress.

For all senior and more experienced lawyers, we also offer different forms of collaboration that can be beneficial.

Are you ready? Contact Rodenas Abogados now.

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