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Tax consultancy in Madrid

A tax consultancy in Madrid will save you worries and money. The success or failure of a company depends on efficient tax management. Therefore, if you need specialized personnel, you should seek advice from professionals like us.

We have a team of experienced tax lawyers in Madrid and economists who work with all types of businesses. Additionally, we offer various services to freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large companies.

What are you waiting for to contact us? We work with diverse clients and production sectors, analyzing profit and loss statements and implementing 100% personalized tax strategies.

Our tax consulting services in Madrid encompass the study, analysis, and presentation of tax and accounting matters, always aiming to achieve the most significant possible savings for our clients.

We also offer business consultancy services in Madrid with over 20 years of experience in handling accounting and tax matters for both national and international clients:

  1. Tax and Social Security Inspections.
  2. Income Tax Returns and Wealth Tax.
  3. Corporate Taxes.
  4. Personal Income Tax (IRPF).
  5. Model 720.
  6. Requests for digital certificates.
  7. Registration and Deregistration of Self-Employed Individuals (Autonomous), Model 210 for non-residents.
  8. Company and Self-Employed Accounting.
  9. And more.

Tax Advisory services in Madrid for Individuals, Companies, and Self-Employed Individuals

Among these aspects are settlements, which must be understood monthly, quarterly, or annually, mainly during the exercise of commercial or professional activities.

It leads to preparing Income Tax (IRPF) declarations and participation rates. It is allowing to pave the way for applying tax settlements to the respective company.

It’s necessary to consider tax audits for economic activities as an individual or legal entity.

To achieve this, we maximize the economic approach with a tailored design and optimal corporate structure planning to obtain the best tax benefits.

Need advice? Please speak with our tax consultancy in Madrid, an exciting investment to save time and reduce costs at the local, regional, or national level.

Proper fiscal management of your assets enhances your company’s productivity and competitiveness.

We handle all kinds of procedures:

  1. Filing and tax refunds.
  2. Fiscal regularization.
  3. Installment payments and withholdings.
  4. Request for deferrals.
  5. All types of appeals to the Tax Agency.
  6. Comprehensive financial advisory, covering all its aspects.

Extensive experience as a tax advisor in Madrid

The tax advisor is a professional who is primarily responsible for guiding taxpayers’ compliance. We also develop an action plan for tax contributions, grants, and subsidies.

Our tax advisors in Madrid possess a strong understanding of national and international Taxation, as the internationalization of businesses is becoming increasingly common.

Among our clients are multinational groups and large investors, who often need clarification about how their transactions affect suppliers or customers located abroad.

We also assist many individuals and small businesses in commerce and business administration. Our focus is on your commercial and fiscal planning as a contributor:

  • Assisting in fulfilling the tax obligations of individuals or legal entities.
  • Representing taxpayers in their interactions with the administrative compensation to the taxpayer in the general procedure.
  • Preventing any issues with the Tax Administration.
  • Defense in disputes before the administrative jurisdiction.
  • Criminal defense in cases of tax offenses.

Tax advisors have an important role in the context of the tax system, which is characterized by high levels of complexity and constant changes. Hence the need to identify new opportunities.

Tax advisory services in Madrid must have the expertise of tax, labor, and accounting advisors with extensive knowledge of all types of taxes.

If you have a tax issue, we also have lawyers available to defend clients in court and perform other functions of legal counsel.

Are you looking for a tax consultant in Madrid?

Contact the law firm now and request a quote with no obligation.

A good tax advisor is someone who assists self-employed businesses with their tax and accounting obligations, as well as other companies related to administration and all activities within the relevant field.

Generally, a tax consultant charges a retainer fee or a specific price depending on whether it’s a consultation or something specific. However, if you want to keep your Taxation up to date, we are your best choice.

Furthermore, we adhere to the ethical codes of professional colleges and trade associations, such as:

  • The Spanish Association of Tax Consultants.
  • The Spanish Association of Tax Consultants and Tax Managers.

The primary role of a tax consultant is to guide and assist clients with their tax obligations. However, the fundamental role of a business tax consultant is the economic, tax, and legal management of projects.

We also provide guidance for entrepreneurs in the Fiscal and Social Security Agency, whether they have high or low economic activity. Or in some cases, determining the appropriate corporate form is crucial for ensuring your business has a certain level of economic and legal security.

Ultimately, these processes involve organizing your economic management and thus aiding in decision-making. Therefore, the accurate analysis of balance sheets and financial reports, general accounts to assess business performance, is fundamental.

Efficient tax planning strategies for heritage assets.

Guidance on the necessity of an invoicing program or accounting software to balance the accounts. We understand the importance of our work. Hence the responsibility of a tax advisor’s service can have criminal and civil consequences.

Article 42.1 of the General Fees Act in Spain details the various consequences of poor advisor practice:

  • Fiscal responsibility for actively participating in gains.
  • Providing correct advice.

Solidarity responsibility also influences the penalty. Criminal responsibility can affect the advisor even if the collaborator is the perpetrator of a severe tax breach.

This occurs if it’s proven that their involvement was crucial to the Penal Commission. Presenting civil liability, negligence, or faulty service can lead to advisory responsibilities toward the client.

In every company, individuals who fulfill their objectives are vital to their work. Similarly, in tax consultancy in Madrid, there’s a need for fluid communication across all departments to solve complex issues using understandable language.

It enables efficient problem-solving while making quick decisions. This way, the planning and organization of the different profiles the tax advisor has to work with are achieved.

Functions applied in tax consultancy

The primary functions of a tax consultancy are to ensure that the client complies with tax legislation. At the same time, the goal is to optimize all procedures to reduce the tax burden.

Based on this, the services of a tax advisor in Madrid involve fiscal and accounting planning. Focused on knowledge in VAT, personal income tax (IRPF), or company tax declarations.

It allows assistance to users in corporate finance relationships. To analyze the legal framework of taxes to offer solutions to specific cases.

Professionals in international trade will provide support with international taxes, exports, and imports, as well as customs duties with local taxes.

Experience and quality with tax consultants

We handle the annual declarations of large companies, reinforcing their services and facilitating online payment of taxes and fees. Among these are:

  • Taxation of earnings from professional or commercial activities.
  • Choosing the most appropriate tax category, such as deductible expenses.
  • Filing and completion of installment payments and taxes with formal rights.
  • Specialized advice on value-added Taxation for submission to Taxation and filing of all declarations.
  • VAT applies to internal operations.
  • Intra-community acquisitions and deliveries of goods.
  • Under these circumstances, tax incentives are managed for small companies. Making the fiscal mode of partially exempt entities relevant.

You will be satisfied with the establishment and Taxation of reimbursed tax groups. This way, requirements for a tax declaration with companies that constitute the consolidation perimeter are resolved.

This structure influences taxation and income declaration submission under a regime of partially exempt entities. Creating the possibility of applying deductions to avoid double Taxation and promote the creation of specific activities.

With tax consultancy in Madrid, you can participate in the establishment and Taxation of consolidated tax groups. It is relevant for companies that constitute the consolidation perimeter under the general tax regime.

This area is formed by exclusions and inclusions of companies with a hypothesis of loss of the fiscal consolidation regime of multiple companies as one.

These restructuring operations within the group, mergers, and acquisitions are part of the declaration and self-assessment of the fiscal group.

Final considerations of tax consultants in the Community of Madrid

Consultancy in the specialized tax law regarding all types of mergers allows for the comprehensive allocation of activities in the face of a tax regime on income derived from transactions and the fiscal evaluation of acquired or received assets and shares.

Hence, there is significant importance placed on tax inspections. With a guide for defense and assistance in any tax procedure, from valuation and inspection to collection and, ultimately, sanctions.

This achieves the administrative route and subsequent preparation of appeals and claims before the Economic-Administrative Tribunal—all thanks to extensive experience in tax proceedings.

You will attain the necessary tax benefits in local companies and tax rates through this.

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