Real estate investment in Spain consists of purchasing any property and then renting it out or selling it.

For this purpose, we offer a real estate service, even at half the price of flats and offices, in liquidation due to bankruptcy proceedings.

Through property rental, the owner receives a monthly income; upon selling, they receive an amount higher than the invested sum.

Real estate investments follow the provisions of Royal Decree 1514/2007 of the new General Plan of Accounting.

Companies hold a non-current asset to generate capital gains, rental income, or both.

How do I make a real estate investment in Spain?

We have contacts with properties available at half the price. For instance, you can also invest in real estate with us through BOE auctions.

The bidding process involves acquiring various pre-selected properties well below market value and immediately selling or renting them out.

Often, properties are acquired for renovation before being rented out or sold.

If you prefer to acquire land, a construction project can be undertaken on it, benefiting from the value added by the construction.

Many experts consider real estate investments to be among the best investment options.

It is because you acquire an asset that is unlikely to depreciate, with a high likelihood of its value increasing, and it can be rented or sold for a higher price.

For these reasons, real estate investments are highly profitable, low-risk, and secure.

What is needed to invest in Spain?

The key requirements for a successful real estate investment include:

  • Having sufficient capital.
  • Possessing the knowledge to make a sound property selection.
  • Ensuring the property’s value can appreciate quickly.
  • Securing good financing.
  • When investing in an apartment, flat, or building, ensuring it’s well-located and doesn’t require significant repairs or renovations is essential.

After conducting thorough calculations, the investment should prove to be profitable. Before making a real estate investment, a detailed property analysis should be performed, considering factors such as price, location, condition, and taxes that need to be paid.

It’s also important to assess the potential for reselling or renting the property at a price that generates an income higher than the investment.

Would you like us to assist you with a real estate investment?

The rationale behind a real estate investment is to generate profits through property use. Investors will manage their properties in the best way possible to ensure good returns.

Investing in the real estate market is a favourable option, as it is a continually growing sector.

This type of investment offers various options, making it accessible for different capital levels and meeting multiple needs. The investor’s requirements are the key consideration.

The types of properties in which we can invest in Spain are as follows:

1. Residential Properties

Given the consistent demand, residential properties are a prime way to invest in the real estate market. The value of these properties tends to increase over time, making them suitable for purchase as residences, such as houses or flats.

2. Commercial Properties

Commercial properties encompass the purchase of offices or commercial spaces. It is a favourable investment because it can yield short-term profits and is considered one of the most profitable real estate investments.

3. Industrial Properties

Industrial properties comprise all spaces used for commercial purposes. Such properties can be allocated for various uses, such as warehouses, offices, or places for selling goods or services; they can also be divided and leased out as separate spaces.

4. Investment in Touristic Properties

Investing in tourist properties has become a way to achieve good short-term returns. These properties are rented out for short periods to individuals on vacation or business trips.

This investment requires time and dedication, as new tenants will be at regular intervals. However, it is a profitable investment that yields substantial income within a short time frame.

5. Investing in Second-hand Properties

Investing in second-hand properties involves buying properties at reduced prices for subsequent renovation. These properties can be rented or sold, leading to substantial profits.

Types of Real Estate Investment

There are various types of real estate investments, including the following:

Real Estate Investment Funds: Specialized in real estate, substantial amounts of money are not required to participate in this fund. These funds invest in worldwide properties, sharing profits among participants based on their contributions.

Investing in real estate funds indirectly invests in properties such as apartments and different real estate types, reducing risks and potentially earning good returns.

The amount to be invested is necessary for purchasing, developing, and managing real estate properties, with the profits earned distributed as dividends. This type of investment can be made in residential and commercial properties.

Investing in virtual real estate: This is an excellent alternative that doesn’t demand significant capital to start investing. This investment involves buying and selling real estate assets on specialized websites.

The process is similar to physical purchases, with money earned through improvements, buying, and selling. These virtual properties don’t exist in the real world, but the earnings generated are real.

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