Lawyers in Valencia

Lawyers in Valencia

Our lawyers in Valencia have 20 years of experience, offering high-value legal services to individuals, companies, and self-employed professionals throughout the Valencian Community.

Our commitment is clear: we provide transparent and honest legal advice throughout all stages of the judicial process.

Each of our lawyer in Valencia analyze the feasibility and chances of success of a possible lawsuit and help you approach your legal case with full guarantees.

For this reason, we always keep you informed about the pros and cons of initiating a judicial process or filing an appeal, as honesty with the client is one of our guiding principles.

Moreover, we always consider the famous legal costs in case of losing, as initiating a legal action carries its risks, as you know.

Why choose us and our Valencia Lawyers?

Law Firm Valencia
Law Firm in Valencia

Our clients trust us because:

  1. We are an established legal team providing personalized and close attention throughout the case.
  2. We stand out for our deep knowledge of the Law, which has positioned us as one of the leading law firms in Valencia.
  3. We develop the most solid defense strategy to fight for your rights and interests.
  4. We carefully listen to all your doubts and thoroughly review all documentation to have a clear vision of your case before taking legal action.

Are you looking for a reliable lawyer in Valencia?

Contact the law firm now and request a quote with no obligation.

What are you waiting for to get to know us? Schedule an appointment with the specialized lawyer by calling 665 49 23 96. We will be delighted to assist you at our offices.

Legal services in Valencia

Lawyers in Comunidad Valencia
María Teresa Alemany Ramírez, Lawyer in Valencia

Our team of specialists from the Illustrious Bar Association of Valencia will carefully study your case and provide concrete answers to your questions in the main areas of Law: criminal, labor, civil, commercial, and administrative.

The defense of your case will be in the hands of experienced and fully dedicated professionals. Only the law firm’s partners will handle your matter, with no trainees or interns involved.

Furthermore, in this law firm, you will find a loyal ally to resolve your legal case quickly and efficiently, with no surprises or last-minute extra expenses.

Experts in Civil Law

We have highly resourceful lawyers in Valencia for all civil procedures, even in the most complex cases. In 2023, we have generated significant benefits for our clients.

We are proud to hold one of the highest success rates in the Valencian Community. Your satisfaction is our priority.

As professionals, we strive for excellence in all our actions, and when we represent a case, it’s because we believe we can win.

All civil lawyers in Valencia possess excellent analytical skills and experience to address any contingencies that may arise.

We provide representation and defense in all types of judicial claims:

  1. Claims for amounts owed.
  2. Breach of contracts, penalty deposits, and lease agreements.
  3. Banking law lawyers in Valencia: cases involving floor clauses, abusive interest rates, multicurrency mortgages, and early maturity.
  4. Traffic accident lawyers in Valencia: seeking maximum compensation for personal and material damages.
  5. All kinds of real estate cases as real estate lawyer in Valencia: evictions, homeowners’ associations, construction defects, and urban planning.
  6. Insurance.
  7. Medical and healthcare lawyers in Valencia: medical and cosmetic malpractice.
  8. Drafting and filing appeals at all levels: cassation appeals and constitutional appeals.

Our specialists will work to achieve the desired outcome, always in a professional manner.

You may have heard the phrase, “A bad settlement is better than a good lawsuit.”

Well, taking the circumstances of each case into account, we negotiate effectively with the other party.

While it’s a half-truth, there are times when it’s necessary to do so.

That’s why you should remember that this law firm in Valencia will always protect your rights and interests.

Resolution of Commercial Issues

If you are liquidating a company due to the impossibility of continuing your business activities, contact concursal lawyers in Valencia.

We also handle claims for unpaid invoices resulting from commercial transactions.

If you have any problem or conflict with a company, you can request the assistance of our mercantile lawyers in Valencia without any obligation.

Labor Disputes and Dismissals

Labor lawyers in Valencia provide advice to employees and companies on all aspects related to Labor Law:

  1. Unfair dismissals, disciplinary dismissals, null and void dismissals, and objective dismissals.
  2. Drafting and reviewing employment contracts and collective agreements.
  3. Workplace accidents.
  4. Preparing claims for conciliation at the SMAC (Labor Conciliation and Arbitration Service).
  5. Claims for severance pay, extra payments, vacation pay, and overtime.

Solutions to Family Law Issues in Valencia

We understand that the process of separation and divorce for a couple is a traumatic episode.

Not only do you cease to be united with a person with whom you have strong emotional ties, but as ex-spouses, you must reorganize your lives again.

That’s why it’s essential to have family lawyers in Valencia who fully understand the problems you are going through and provide efficient solutions in the following matters:

  1. Analysis of the divorce or separation’s personal, economic, and family situation.
  2. Child custody and guardianship.
  3. Establishment of child support and spousal maintenance.
  4. Visitation schedule for minor children: vacations, alternate weekends, and holidays such as Christmas and Easter.
  5. Assignment of the marital home to the custodial spouse.
  6. Drafting the petition for the liquidation of the community property, as well as the allocation of assets to the ex-spouses.
  7. Donations.
  8. Guardianship and curatorship.

Based on our extensive experience, we recommend breaking the marital bond through mutual agreement or in an amicable manner, as it is less traumatic for family members.

If desired, the terms can be established in a settlement agreement that reflects the wishes of the couple and the rights and obligations to fulfill what has been agreed upon.

We also have a team of inheritance lawyers in Valencia who handle all aspects of family estate planning:

  • We help you in drafting a will in accordance with the Civil Code.
  • Clarification of fundamental legal concepts such as strict legitime, the improvement third, and free disposal third.
  • We handle all procedures for partitioning and allocation of the inheritance.
  • Professional advice on tax matters in the Valencian Community, ensuring you pay the minimum when inheriting.

Valencia Lawyers Specializing in Criminal Law

We have excellent criminal defense lawyers in Valencia with solid expertise in Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance for legal entities.

We handle all types of offenses against individuals or property:

  1. Homicide and murder.
  2. Assault.
  3. Threats.
  4. Harassment.
  5. Crimes against public health.
  6. Offenses related to driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics.
  7. Gender-based violence, domestic abuse.
  8. Traffic accidents with injuries.
  9. Economic crimes: theft, embezzlement, fraud, misappropriation of funds.
  10. Corporate crimes: misuse of assets, punishable insolvency, crimes against the Treasury and Social Security.
  11. Corporate criminal liability: compliance.

If you find our proposal interesting, you can inquire with a lawyer in Valencia by calling the phone number on the website.

Additionally, if you have an emergency concerning a detainee at the Valencia Police Station, you can call us 24 hours a day, and we will be happy to assist you.

Immigration Lawyers

We are an immigration law firm in Valencia with professionals who handle all the necessary procedures to regularize your status in the Spanish State.

Thanks to our team of administrative lawyers in Valencia, we can advise you on obtaining the following authorizations to reside and work in the Valencian Community:

  1. Community card for family members of a European Union citizen.
  2. Residence and work authorization for social integration and employed and self-employed work.
  3. Family reunification for foreigners.
  4. Nationality by possession of status, marriage, and by option.
  5. Renewals.
  6. Visas.
  7. Invitation letters.
  8. Appeals for irregular situations or situations where the return is impossible, and expulsion may be at risk.
  9. Golden Visa for investors in Valencia.

Benefits of Hiring Our Law Firm in Valencia

Our lawyers in Valencia are available through the contact number and online web form. No matter the complexity of your case, we are prepared to face it with a full guarantee.

If you need legal advice from lawyers in Valencia, don’t waste any more time! Contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide an immediate solution.

1. 24-Hour Legal Service in Valencia

We offer urgent assistance as lawyers are available 24 hours in Valencia to answer your inquiries.

Whether you are facing a criminal procedure or are a victim of one, you will never be alone. Either way, we will always be by your side to assist you at any time and day of the week at the Police Station and Courts in Valencia.

You will have access to a unique and exclusive legal service where communication and trust with the lawyer are fundamental.

We are available at any time of the day to handle urgent cases, such as detentions of family members or friends in the following locations:

  • The Courts on Duty in Valencia.
  • The Police Station or Civil Guard.
  • Manises Airport.

Likewise, if you have received a notification from the Court in 2023 and are concerned about its content, call our emergency phone number or fill out the form on our website to speak directly with the best lawyers in Valencia.

You can be sure that you will always have the best legal assistance from highly skilled and trained lawyers in Valencia.

2. Extensive Legal Experience in the Courts

If we have earned a privileged place as lawyers in Valencia, it is for many reasons, but mainly because we practice our profession with the utmost care and passion.

We are lawyers of recognized prestige in the legal sector with over 20 years of experience in various areas of Law.

You will always receive the best, close, direct, and friendly advice from one of our talented lawyers who specializes in the area that concerns you the most.

We place the client at the center of everything we do and go the extra mile to ensure you are never just another client.

3. Highly Competitive Budgets

We offer our clients a loyal defense or representation to achieve the best result for you consistently.

Therefore, we have the best technical and human resources in new technologies that streamline cost processes for both parties.

The fees of the lawyer in Valencia are adapted to the economic circumstances of each client. We can also finance fees in convenient monthly installments.

Once the fees for the defense of your case are agreed upon, we present a professional engagement letter for your signature with the contracted services.

4. Personalization in Legal Services

Our law firm has specialized lawyers in various branches of Law, including civil, labor, commercial, and family law.

This means that, regardless of your issues, you will always have the assistance of a professional you can trust whenever you need it.

We are fully aware of how important your case is to you.

Therefore, when you contact our professionals, we will dedicate ourselves entirely to your matter with the utmost interest and commitment.

We listen carefully to your concerns and provide you with understandable legal information about the status of your case. We want you to be informed at all times.

Then, we establish the best line of defense to protect your interests most efficiently under the Law.

5. Professionalism and Good Practice of Lawyers in Valencia

One of our main objectives is to make you feel comfortable with our work. Therefore, the mission of our law firm is as follows:

  • To offer personalized professional advice that meets all your needs.
  • To work hand in hand with our clients so that you are always well-informed about the progress of your case and the strategies we implement to achieve the best outcome for your interests in any legal procedure.
  • To keep the client informed of all notifications related to your case.

Communication is crucial: we understand that in a situation that jeopardizes your interests,

Trust, close attention, and smooth communication with your lawyers in Valencia are essential for you to feel at ease with our services.

Your well-being and that of your company are our obsessions, and we will do everything possible to achieve your goals together.

Schedule a consultation at the office for more information!

More Information about Valencia

Valencia: The Luminous City

Valencia is one of the largest cities in Spain, as well as a municipality and the capital of the Valencian Community. It attracts many tourists to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, especially during the summer.

Where is Valencia located?

It is situated on the Iberian Peninsula’s Mediterranean coast, on the Turia River’s banks. Specifically, it lies in the middle of the alluvial plain of l’Horta, covering an east-west extension of at least 8 km.

How to get to Valencia?

Several transportation routes provide access to the city of Valencia; among the most popular are:

  • By plane: The airport is located 8 km from the city.
  • By train: Through the Joaquín Sorolla Station and the Estación del Norte.
  • By boat: Through the Port of Valencia.

Basic Demographics

As of 2023, it had an estimated population of at least 809,501 inhabitants. If the urban area is included, the total population of the capital of the Valencian Community is estimated at 1,581,057 inhabitants.

Making it the third most populous city in Spain.

Historical Value of Valencia

It boasts one of Europe’s oldest and most significant historical centers, showcasing evidence of its Mediterranean cultural past. Tourists can enjoy great dynamism thanks to the critical international fairs.

The Fallas festival is known as one of the most significant celebrations, featuring joyful festivities of light and fire on festive dates.

Where can you find us?

Other cities where we also provide services as English-speaking lawyers:

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