Lawyers in Málaga

Lawyers in Málaga

Our lawyers in Málaga has wide experience in the legal sector with over 30 years of career. Moreover, we are your best choice if you need a multidisciplinary office with qualified staff.

All our specialists are experts in various areas of law, such as inheritances, divorces, evictions, gender-based violence, labor law, commercial law, and multiple compensations.

What are you waiting for to contact us? We offer personalized top-quality service in each of our actions, ensuring that you are always well protected in the judicial and extrajudicial processes.

Furthermore, customer service is our top priority, and in this regard, we always keep you updated on all notifications related to your legal proceedings.

Areas of practice of our lawyers in Málaga

As we mentioned, the law firm in Málaga Capital is divided into different legal departments composed of professionals with a high knowledge of the legal system.

Need a courtroom expert? We have extensive experience in representing clients in the Courts of Málaga.

Whether you are an international corporate client, a freelance professional, or an individual client, your case will be handled by the most specialized lawyer, making us the best solution to your legal problem.

Law Firm Málaga

Thanks to the experience acquired by our lawyers from the Illustrious Bar Association of Málaga, you will obtain an immediate response to your legal needs, as we have a team of criminal lawyers, labor lawyers, civil lawyers, and commercial lawyers.

Whichever lawyer you may need, in our law firm, you will find the specialist you require.

Civil Law

Civil conflicts are recurrent and diverse. That’s why we thoroughly analyze the viability of your case and take on the representation and legal defense in any conflict of interest you may have.

Do you want to file a lawsuit? Don’t worry! Come and hire our lawyer in Málaga, and we will initiate the corresponding claims for damages and losses with the guarantee of a reputable firm:

  1. If you’ve had an accident on the road, call the car accident lawyers in Málaga.
  2. Claims for amounts in monitor proceedings.
  3. All declarative civil trials, both ordinary and verbal, are based on the subject matter and the quantity.
  4. We help you fight against abusive clauses: banking lawyers in Málaga.
  5. Lawsuits for contractual breaches.
  6. Drafting of appeals in all instances: requests for reconsideration, attractions, and before the Supreme Court.

Commercial Law

  1. Claims against Insurance Companies.
  2. Civil Mediation and Conciliation Acts in voluntary jurisdiction.
  3. Commercial Lawyers in Málaga: Claims for unpaid invoices from companies, establishment, and liquidation of companies.

Labor Law in Málaga

Contact the team of labor lawyers in Málaga now. We provide practical advice to workers and employers in the following areas:

  • Unfair dismissals.
  • Debt and wage claims against the company.
  • Drafting and revision of contracts and collective agreements.
  • Preparation of conciliation filings for the Labor Conciliation and Arbitration Service (SMAC).
  • Claims for severance pay: 2 extra paychecks, vacations, and overtime.

Real Estate Law

Real estate lawyers in Málaga:

  • Real estate and urban planning law
  • Evictions for non-payment and precarious situations
  • Rentals
  • Community of property owners
  • Horizontal Property: Claims for special assessments, general expenses, and challenge of the Community of Property Owners Board resolutions.
  • Contractual and Extra-contractual Liability.

Succession Law

Our family lawyers in Málaga handle all necessary procedures for inheritance in Málaga. We take care of all inheritance estate planning from the beginning and draft all types of wills in any family situation.

In addition, we offer extraordinary professional advice on managing real estate capital resulting from inheritance.

The inheritance specialists have successfully resolved hundreds of cases in recent years. They will clarify your doubts about accepting and renouncing the inheritance, strict legitime, inheritance partition, and your rights as a legitimate heir or legatee.

Family Law in Málaga

When a person decides to divorce their partner, they have many doubts regarding the allocation of the marital home, child custody, and the amount of child support they would have to pay, among other expenses they will have to bear from then on.

There are different ways to break the bond with your partner, and our recommendation is to opt for the most amicable approach, such as mutual agreement, divorce, or separation.

However, sometimes the spouses do not agree on the terms of the settlement agreement and decide to initiate a contentious legal proceeding to determine all their rights and obligations, which may include:

  1. Guardianship and custody of minor children and visitation schedule.
  2. Establishment of child support and spousal support.
  3. Allocation of the marital home and its duration.
  4. All these clauses are established in a Settlement Agreement tailored to the case’s specific circumstances.

In cases where there are joint assets, with or without a mortgage, we draft the petition for the liquidation and fair distribution of the joint holdings among the former spouses after thoroughly analyzing their personal, economic, and family situation.

Criminal Law

We have criminal defense lawyers in Málaga specialized in various types of crimes committed against individuals or property:

  1. Crimes against individuals: threats and injuries.
  2. Domestic violence and abuse within the family.
  3. Traffic accidents causing injuries.
  4. Crimes against property: theft, fraud, and misappropriation.
  5. Corporate crimes: concealment of assets, punishable insolvency, and offenses against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  6. Drug trafficking and narcotics.
  7. Driving under the influence, without a license, and without points.

For these cases, we provide our clients with an emergency phone number to speak directly with a lawyer in Málaga. Request an appointment, and we will defend you effectively and efficiently at police stations and courts for any criminal offense.

Please contact us if you want more information about our law firm’s services.

Immigration Law

We assist clients who wish to regularize their situation in Spain. Thanks to our team of immigration lawyers in Málaga, we can advise them on obtaining:

  1. Residence card for family members of European Union citizens.
  2. Residence and work permits for social integration and work, both employed and self-employed.
  3. Family reunification for foreigners.
  4. Spanish nationality by possession of status, marriage, or option.
  5. Renewals.
  6. Visas.
  7. Invitation letters.
  8. Administrative lawyers in Málaga: filing appeals against deportation for irregular status or lack of valid documents for social integration.

Are you looking for a lawyer in Málaga?

Contact the law firm now and request a quote with no obligation.

Benefits of Our Law Firm in Málaga

We are a prestigious law firm in Málaga, well-known in the legal sector for handling all types of criminal, civil, labor, and commercial proceedings.

Our extensive professional experience and the high percentage of successful cases make us one of the best choices in the legal field in Málaga. We are the legal solution you seek, and we will fight to achieve the desired outcome.

1. Immediate Legal Assistance, 24/7

Has your husband been arrested, and you don’t know where to turn? Don’t feel helpless! We provide a 24-hour EMERGENCY service with lawyers available in Málaga to assist you effectively at any time of the day.

We understand the sensitivity of such situations, as any statement you make could be used against you. To avoid any mistakes during police questioning, contact our law firm in Málaga immediately.

We will inform you about how to act during an arrest and devise a winning defense strategy to ensure your family member or friend is released without charges or, if applicable, to minimize the penalty.

Furthermore, we will ensure strict compliance with the law, guaranteeing that your rights are not violated and you are not falsely accused of a crime you did not commit.

2. Highly Competitive Fees

Are you tired of not being fully informed about the progress of your case? We always provide transparent and competitive rates, offering flexible payment options to our clients. Our fees are tailored to your economic circumstances.

We believe that attorney fees should never compromise quality. Therefore, every euro you invest in your case with us will yield the maximum return as we work diligently to find the best solution to your problem.

Need financing? We are flexible in structuring convenient payment plans. We draft a retainer agreement that fits your economic circumstances, allowing equal access to justice.

3. Professional and Personalized Approach

Personal closeness and a hands-on approach are our values. We want you never to feel abandoned. Hence, we always keep you informed, explaining the legal aspects of your case clearly and comprehensibly.

Our main objective is to provide excellent legal advice and uphold your rights, taking charge of your case and representing you in all judicial instances.

You are the most essential part of our law firm in Málaga, and we are committed to protecting your interests.

For further information, contact our lawyers anytime through the web form, and we will promptly provide you with a tailored budget.

More Information about Málaga

Málaga: The Essence of the Mediterranean

Málaga is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, known for its precious warm beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is a fundamental capital that forms part of the autonomous community of Andalusia, in the southern part of the European country.

Location of Málaga

It is situated on the western side of the Mediterranean Sea, within the southern region of the Iberian Peninsula. Geographically, it is located about 100 km east of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Ways to Reach the City

There are various routes to take to reach this famous city, including:

  • Boat: The city has an easily accessible port.
  • Plane: You can use the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport, 8 km from the city.
  • Train: Accessible through María Zambrano Train Station, connected to Madrid via the High-Speed Rail network.
  • Bus: There is a bus station in the center of Málaga.

Population Details

It has an estimated population of 578,460 inhabitants, according to INE data (2020). As a result, it ranks as the sixth most populous city in Spain and the second in Andalusia.

Historical Value of Málaga

Málaga is renowned as the birthplace of the famous artist Pablo Picasso and is home to symbolic museums. The main attraction of Málaga lies in its more than 16 sunny beaches, making it a popular holiday destination.

It boasts potential historical sites such as the Alcazaba, an ancient Arab fortress in Andalusia. Notably, the impressive Gibralfaro Castle stands out with its incredible views.

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