Lawyers in Barcelona

Lawyers in Barcelona

At our law firm in Barcelona, we have a team of professional lawyers in Barcelona with over 20 years of experience in international law, family law, inheritance matters, divorces, civil law, labor law, criminal law, and commercial law. All our firm’s professionals provide high-quality, comprehensive legal advice to individuals and businesses.

Furthermore, we strive to ensure that our clients consistently receive top-notch legal assistance from the finest specialists of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) in various legal fields.

Expert Lawyers in Barcelona

Law professionals in Barcelona
Law Firm in Barcelona

We are a law firm in Barcelona with extensive experience in the courts. All our registered lawyers have proven professional expertise in criminal, civil, labor, commercial, and family cases.

Additionally, as a client, you will always benefit from the close and friendly approach of the most talented lawyer in the specific area you require.

A comprehensive examination of all documentation, the proposal of evidence, and continuous monitoring of your legal case.

We have winning defense strategies.

Law Firm in Barcelona

You will always have guidance, approachable, direct, and friendly, from Barcelona’s best and most talented lawyers for whatever matter you may require.


Our priority is to ensure that clients are always well advised, no matter how complex the legal issue.


Therefore, if you need legal assistance, you can schedule an appointment, and together, we will determine the right strategy for your specific case.

Solicitors in Barcelona

Civil Claims

Many clients prefer our lawyers in Barcelona, seeking our services for various civil issues. If you need legal assistance, you can request a prior appointment, during which we gather all the legal information and design the best solution tailored to your case.

For instance, if you require a civil lawyer in Barcelona to recover money lent to a specific individual, collect a bill from your supplier, or claim compensation for damages and losses.

Some of the most commonly sought consultations from our team of lawyers in Barcelona include:

  1. Representation and civil defense in filing legal claims.
  2. Claims for breach of contract.
  3. Recovery of owed amounts from debtors.
  4. Traffic accident lawyers in Barcelona.
  5. Unfair competition.
  6. Real estate lawyers in Barcelona: experts in real estate and urban law procedures.
  7. Horizontal Property: evictions, property management.
  8. Banking Law claims.
  9. Medical and healthcare lawyers in Barcelona.
  10. Drafting appeals to all judicial instances.

Commercial Law

Our commercial lawyers in Barcelona have extensive experience in resolving corporate disputes. Additionally, we mediate in business acquisitions as bankruptcy attorneys in Barcelona.

Labor Law

We offer our services as lawyers in Barcelona, consisting of lawyers and labor law specialists who handle conflicts between employers and employees:

  • Legal actions for wrongful dismissals in Barcelona, including disciplinary and objective dismissals due to economic reasons.
  • Royal Decree-Law 30/2020, of September 29, on social measures in defense of employment, extension of ERTEs (Temporary Employment Regulation Plans), and temporary ERTEs.
  • Salary claims: final settlement, extra payments, vacation pay, and overtime.
  • Drafting of reconciliation documents.
  • Representation and assistance in the SMAC (Arbitration and Mediation Service for Labor Conflicts).
  • Review of employment contracts.
  • Creation of collective agreements.

We also offer labor lawyers in Barcelona with extensive knowledge in contributory benefits (retirement, widowhood, subsidies, and FOGASA), workplace accidents, disabilities (permanent total, permanent partial, partial, and temporary), and claims to Social Security.

Family Law

Our family law firm in Barcelona specializes in divorces and inheritances, providing tailored legal advice based on your economic and family circumstances.

In cases of divorce, we offer the following services:

  1. Divorce petitions by mutual agreement and contested divorce with children.
  2. Divorces, mutual consent separations, and contested separations.
  3. Establishment of alimony and compensatory pension.
  4. Determination of visitation rights.
  5. Assignment of the marital home.
  6. Enforcement of alimony payments.

Our divorce specialists in Barcelona also meticulously analyze marital assets and prepare the division, liquidation, and allocation of community property.

It’s advisable to file a liquidation claim in shared assets following a prior inventory of these assets.

Furthermore, we manage all aspects of property transactions related to your partner and provide information about the tax exemptions the law provides in such cases.

Inheritances and Wills

Our firm has specialized lawyers in Barcelona who possess extensive legal knowledge in inheritance matters, including succession law and estate distribution.

  1. We consistently provide efficient legal solutions to family-related issues concerning inheritance distribution.
  2. We resolve any issues related to successions, such as revocation of donations, accepting or renouncing an inheritance, or claiming (which has a statute of limitations of ten years) a portion of the legitimate share that belongs to the deceased’s children.
  3. We explain terms like “legitimate share,” estate partition, and “living will.”
  4. We offer guidance on inheritance taxes in Barcelona and the obligations of the heir.
  5. Our lawyers in Barcelona draft and contest various types of wills.

Moreover, we handle the necessary certificates to ensure a quick and efficient inheritance process:

  1. Request for the certificate of last will.
  2. Death certificate.
  3. As well as any relevant insurance coverage certificates, if applicable.

In Catalonia, the legitimate share for children amounts to 25% of the estate after deducting funeral expenses. In contrast, in the rest of Spain, the legitimate share for the deceased’s children is two-thirds.

Criminal Law

We have a team of criminal defense lawyers in Barcelona who specialize in criminal law and who will represent you in cases involving offenses against individuals and Property.

Some of the most common cases handled in our Barcelona office include:

  1. Homicide and murder offenses.
  2. Sexual assaults and abuses.
  3. Injuries and traffic accidents.
  4. Gender-based violence, domestic abuse.
  5. Offenses against road safety: DUI, driving without a license or recklessly.
  6. Offenses against public health: drug trafficking, drug dealing, and small-scale drug sales.
  7. Robberies and thefts, with or without violence.
  8. Economic crimes: fraud, misappropriation of funds, asset stripping, money laundering, offenses against tax authorities and social security.
  9. Falsifications.
  10. Offenses against workers’ rights.

Why wait to get to know us? Don’t hesitate any longer and contact one of the best law firms in Barcelona now!

We represent clients 24 hours a day in response to any criminal activity.

Immigration Law: Regularizing Your Status in Spain

Furthermore, we assist clients who wish to regularize their status in the Spanish state.

Our immigration lawyers in Barcelona can guide you through the process of obtaining the following documents:

  • Community card for family members of European Union citizens.
  • Residence and work permits based on social ties, employed and self-employed work.
  • Family reunification for immigrants.
  • Nationality by possession of status, marriage, and option.
  • Renewals.
  • Visas.
  • Invitation letters.
  • Appeals for irregular status, non-return, or expulsion situations.

Benefits of Hiring Our Law Firm in Barcelona

We offer a unique, trustworthy, and personalized legal assistance service when a family member is detained in the Duty Court, Police Station, or El Prat Airport.

With many years of experience in urgent legal consultations that require immediate assistance from a 24-hour lawyer in Barcelona, we are available 365 days a year.

With just one call to the available emergency phone number, you can directly speak with the best law firm in Barcelona.

Flexible Budget

We are flexible in determining the payment of fees in the corresponding professional engagement agreement.

We finance your case

  • We provide our clients with the best defense and representation in the legal sector.
  • Our fees adapt to your financial circumstances, ensuring that your expectations in a fair process are not compromised.

Excellent Professional Track Record

Our main objective is to ensure you never feel unprotected and your rights are not violated. We take charge of your case and defend your rights in all judicial instances.

If you need help finding what you’re looking for, our lawyers in Barcelona, deeply rooted in values, will provide it quickly and efficiently. Call us now without any obligation or fill out the online form for more information.

Where Can You Find Us?

  • Rodenas Abogados Barcelona.
  • Address: Consell de Cent 373-375, 2nd 1st, 08009 Barcelona.
  • Nearest Metro Station (4-minute walk): Passeig de Gràcia.
  • Metro: L2, L5.
  • Train: R1, R2N, R4, R7.
  • Bus: 19, 33, 34, 62, B24, H10, H12.

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