Lawyers in Alicante

Lawyers in Alicante

Our lawyers in Alicante offers excellent legal services tailored to your legal needs. Need help or want to hire a succesful law firm in Alicante? Request a quote without commitment.

We know the importance of having quality legal assistance in urgent situations. That’s why we advise individuals and businesses in different practice areas.

What can you find in our Alicante law firm? We provide you with specialized lawyers, registered and practicing members of the Illustrious Provincial Bar Association of Alicante. These lawyers offer a unique, personalized, and approachable problem-solving service.

What are you waiting for to entrust yourself to the best lawyers in Alicante?

Don’t hesitate anymore! Please consult us; all your legal problems will be resolved quickly and effectively.

Legal services in Alicante

Here you can learn much more about the fundamental legal services offered by the law firm. This will ensure that you always feel protected against any contingency or unforeseen events you may encounter.

Civil Law

We represent and defend you in Alicante courts in the following judicial claims.

Law Firm in Alicante
Law Firm Alicante
  • Contract breaches.
  • Commercial Lawyers in Alicante: debt recovery, intellectual and industrial property, and insurance.
  • Also, insolvency proceedings for companies in situations of insolvency.
  • Real estate lawyers in Alicante: evictions for non-payment or precarious situations.
  • Horizontal property: construction defects, property management, a community of owners, etc.
  • Drafting of appeals at all levels.

Inheritances and Successions

We plan estates in Alicante:

  1. We handle inheritance procedures quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  2. We can also draft your will and provide the solutions you need.
  3. You will receive excellent professional advice in inheritance law, taxation, and wealth management.

Moreover, you won’t leave the office with any doubts because our lawyer in Alicante specializes in inheritance law and can address concerns about the following:

  • The judicial claim of the inheritance.
  • The legitimate share.
  • The division of the estate.
  • Your rights and obligations as a forced heir in Spain.

Family Law in Alicante

If you are considering divorcing your partner, schedule a prior appointment with one of our family lawyers in Alicante from our law firm.

Divorce, especially when not mutually agreed upon, can become a harrowing and traumatic situation for the couple, as there are specific issues on which they cannot agree.

  1. Divorces.
  2. Separations.
  3. Joint custody of the minor.
  4. Establishment of alimony and spousal support.
  5. Visitation arrangements.
  6. Allocation of the marital home.
  7. Drafting the liquidation claim to distribute marital assets to the former spouses.

To these questions, the lawyer in Alicante will respond after a thorough analysis of your personal, economic, and family situation.

Are you looking for a reliable lawyer in Alicante?

Contact the law firm now and request a quote with no obligation.

Benefits of hiring our law firm in Alicante

We are a team of lawyers at Alicante Capital ready to offer you an exceptional, trustworthy, and personalized service. This is to cover all your legal needs that may arise.

24-hour legal assistance in Alicante

We provide a leading legal assistance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is for all those arrested and urgently require lawyers available 24 hours in Alicante.

We are always available anytime and anywhere, whether for an urgent case at the Alicante Duty Court, the Police Station, or the Alicante airport.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Call the number listed on the website, and you can consult with the most qualified lawyer in Alicante.

Lawyers in Alicante with over 20 years of experience.

We have lawyers in Alicante with extensive experience and expertise in all criminal, civil, labor, and commercial matters. These lawyers are for individuals, companies, SMEs, and freelancers.

Our main goal is to ensure that all clients always feel well-advised. When you contact us, you will see that we respond to your inquiries efficiently.

Customized budget

Whenever you need a lawyer in Alicante, you should rely on a professional who provides excellent services in terms of quality and price. But you might think it won’t be cheap.

Well, purely economic terms do not solely drive our work ethic. At no time do we want to become a burden for you and your family; quite the opposite.

Our professional fees are tailored to the client’s economic circumstances. Are you interested? We are flexible in the payment methods for lawyer’s fees, adopting the formula that suits your situation.

You’ll be surprised at the best prices when visiting our Alicante office.

Personalized attention

A wide variety of legal services for entrepreneurs and individuals:

  • Continuous updates on the latest developments in your case.
  • We apply all our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service.
  • Our fundamental priority is the client’s ultimate satisfaction.
  • We will ensure you never come out harmed and win the legal process.

Do not hesitate to contact us or fill out the provided form. The first call is free. Additionally, we have excellent reviews.

More information about Alicante

Alicante: white and Mediterranean.

Alicante is one of the most representative cities in the province of Alicante, the third province of the Valencian Community. It is considered luminous and boasts the finest sea views, surrounded by beaches, excellent parks, and well-maintained urbanism.

Location of Alicante

It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, forming a plain dotted with various hills and elevations. Santa Bárbara Castle is the most prominent architectural feature on the urban facade, situated on Mount Benacantil.

How to get to this city?

Main transportation routes to reach the city include:

  • By bus: most accessible, with courses available from Madrid taking about 5 hours.
  • By air: the most convenient way to arrive from abroad is through El Altet airport.
  • By train: you can take the AVE train from Madrid to Alicante.


As of 2021, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) records 337,482 inhabitants, making Alicante the most populated municipality in the Autonomous Community. At the national level, it ranks as the eleventh municipality with the highest population.

History of Alicante

Its main presentation comes from the beautiful promenade formed by four rows of palm trees called the “Explanada de España.”

Santa Bárbara Castle is one of the most valuable fortresses from the medieval European era. In addition to Alicante’s beaches, we cannot forget to mention the beautiful Basilica of Santa María.

Where can you find us?

Other cities where we also provide services as English-speaking lawyers.

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