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Family lawyers in Madrid

Our family lawyers in Madrid specialize in addressing problems or conflicts that arise among family members and with third parties unrelated to the family.

We provide high-quality legal guidance in matters related to family issues and offer maximum protection in the following areas:

  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • Divorce and separation cases.
  • Child custody, support, and visitation arrangements for minor children.
  • Paternity and filiation matter.
  • Legal incapacitation.
  • Donations.
  • Gender-based violence or domestic violence, among others.
  • Matrimonial Law: Application of legal regulations related to marriage at both economic and personal levels. This includes crises such as separation, divorce, and marriage annulment under different matrimonial economic regimes.
  • Division of inheritances and termination of joint ownership.
  • Filiations: both natural and experts in adoptions in Madrid.
  • Legal incapacitation: guardianship, conservatorships, and de facto guardianship. Implementation of legal rules related to the protection and care of incapacitated individuals who are not under parental authority, including minors and those with limited capacity to manage their assets

No matter how complex your case may be, we will always seek the least contentious and most peaceful solution possible. Call us at 665 49 23 96 or send us a form. We’ll be delighted to assist you!

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Legal services as family lawyers in Madrid

We have family lawyers in Madrid with extensive experience in negotiating legal documents.

  • Analysis and creation of winning strategies to defend your rights and interests.
  • Legal advice to understand your rights and legal obligations.
  • Representation in courts.
  • Collaboration with social workers, psychologists, and therapists to ensure you receive the best advice and support possible.
  • Application of family law as regulated in the Civil Code as well as in our Spanish Constitution.
  • Family mediation in Madrid: We provide a professional service for the peaceful resolution of family conflicts.
Specialist family law Attorney
Specialist family law Attorney

Our mission is to protect and ensure the rights and responsibilities of our clients. Therefore, we provide quality legal assistance in family dissolution procedures.

If you need help navigating complex personal and financial relationships among family members, you’re in the right law firm.

All you have to do is reach out with your inquiry, and the lawyers in Madrid will provide you with personalized attention.

Resolving Family Conflicts with Experience and Empathy

Lawyers specialized in family law

We protect your family rights

We have divorce lawyers in Madrid who will provide you with tailored legal advice for your case. Furthermore, we explain the necessary steps you need to know to initiate:

  • A separation or divorce process from your partner.
  • The division of assets.
  • Claims for alimony and compensatory payments.
  • Parental authority.
  • And custody arrangements.
  • Breaking up common-law partnerships and civil unions.

Moreover, our team of matrimonial lawyers in Madrid is characterized by our empathy, professionalism, dedication, and involvement.

You will receive professional and entirely confidential guidance in Express Divorces

One of the main requirements is that at least three months have passed since the marriage occurred.

This new form of divorce in Spain requires hiring a legal representative (procurator) and a lawyer, and both parties must agree amicably.

Divorces or Separations by Mutual Agreement

In these cases, only the willingness of the parties to end the marital bond is necessary.

It is a short and simple judicial procedure, and the cost is more economical since the spouses can be represented by the same legal representative (procurator) and family lawyer in Madrid.

The legal petition must be filed at the Family Court in Madrid and should include the following information in the parenting plan:

  • The amount of alimony.
  • Custody and guardianship of the children.
  • Compensatory alimony.
  • Visitation schedule.
  • Use or allocation of the marital home.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of the community property regime.

Are You in a Contested Divorce Process?

You should know that this procedure is longer and more expensive, as it can take six months and a year until a judgment is issued.

This depends mainly on the workload of the family court handling your case.

Furthermore, each party must have a legal representative (procurator) and lawyer.

The judge will determine the divorce terms in the judgment after evaluating the evidence presented in the trial.

These family processes involve making decisions and discussing very important matters.

Hence, seeking the best guidance from a family lawyer in Madrid with sufficient experience to advise clients in such cases is essential.

Filing Modifications to Parental and Filial Measures

Parental and filial measures protect the children’s rights when a marriage ends.

A family process similar to separation and divorce is followed to establish these measures, but only the measures affecting minors will be discussed.

For this, it is necessary to file a judicial petition to modify measures, which can be processed through contested or mutual agreement procedures.

In these cases, the most important thing is to have the guidance of the best family lawyers in Madrid.

Review of Visitation Arrangements

Visitation arrangements are measures adopted to allow the noncustodial parent of the minor to visit them.

It permits them to spend time with the children during the scheduled hours and days for visitation. It also allows them to communicate with the children by phone.

Child Support Payments

Child support payments are to be made by the spouse who does not have custody of the children.

These payments are intended to cover expenses such as food and education, among others, until the children achieve financial independence.

Use of the Family Residence

In exclusive custody cases, the family residence is granted to the custodial spouse and the children.

If custody is shared, the family residence use may be limited for both parents.

Shared Custody

Shared or exclusive custody can be granted, where the parent having control will be responsible for the daily care of the children.

In this context, our family lawyers in Madrid can file the corresponding petition to enforce court orders in cases of non-compliance by parents with their family obligations, such as child support payments or visitation arrangements.

We have a team of attorneys with extensive experience in these cases and have achieved a high percentage of favourable court judgments.

Make your consultation about inheritances and wills

Law firm protect your family

Matrimonial Lawyers in the City of Madrid Our law firm specializing in inheritances in Madrid provides guidance when you are making your will and in the procedures for inheriting with full guarantees.

We also advise heirs and legatees on all matters related to inheritance successions, legitimate shares, inheritances with the benefit of inventory, declarations of heirs, and acceptance or renunciation of the inheritance.

Recommendations on Inheritance Division

It is the set of obligations, assets, and rights that pass to their legatees or heirs when a person passes away.

A person may die without leaving a will, in which case it will be necessary to request a declaration of intestate heirs and distribute the inheritance as established by the Civil Code.

The division of the family inheritance takes place after the heirs accept the inheritance. For this reason, all heirs must renounce or receive the inheritance.

As professionals in family matters in Madrid, we provide specialized advice on all family procedures. We also advise you on tax settlements.

We Assist You in Drafting the Will

This is a document that contains the last wishes of the testator. It allows them to determine to whom they will leave their assets after their passing. It also includes the appointment of guardians for incapacitated children, among other cases.

  • The family lawyers in Madrid ensure that the will comply with what the law establishes and accurately reflects the testator’s wishes.
  • We also offer services for challenging a will.

Seek Professional Advice in Family Law

For more information about your rights and obligations, you can contact the family lawyer in Madrid through the website by filling out the form or directly by phone.

We will provide you with a quote without obligation!

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