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If you are looking for a trusted employment lawyers in Madrid, you’ve come to the right place.

We are experts in defending the labor rights of both employees and companies in any labor conflict or injustice.

Can we help you? If you have a labor dispute in your company and are unsure about the following steps, consult us without commitment through WhatsApp at 665 49 23 96 or send us a form.

Labor Team at Rodenas Abogados

Do you need employment advice?

Labor attorneys in Madrid
Labor attorneys in Madrid

This specialized law firm in Madrid offers the services you need in employment law.

Moreover, you will receive the qualified attention of an employment lawyer with extensive experience in the Social Courts. He will also understand the labor market.

We have a high percentage of satisfied clients who seek our help throughout their working lives or during situations of danger and vulnerability to their employers.

Experts in labor law Consult with our employment lawyer

Madrid labor law advocates
Madrid labor law advocates

Our employment lawyers in Madrid have a thorough concept of your labor situation. They are necessary as a preventive measure.

Therefore, we will thoroughly review your case with total professionalism and expertise so that you can assert your labor rights in any of the following legal situations.

Our employment lawyers in Madrid have a thorough concept of your labor situation. They are necessary as a preventive measure.

Therefore, we will thoroughly review your case with total professionalism and expertise so that you can assert your labor rights in any of the following legal situations.

For example:

  • A workplace accident.
  • The claim of unpaid wages.
  •  An unjustified dismissal in Madrid (whether it’s fair, unfair, disciplinary, objective, or null). The application for a permanent disability pension.
  • Or any labor conflict that may arise until your retirement.
  • Do you have a labor issue in Madrid? We know that labor cases are challenging to resolve.

Therefore, accurate information from a specialist labor advisor is paramount when initiating legal actions and subsequent labor trials.

Our team of professionals answers various labor issues, such as:

  • Do you have an error in dismissal compensation calculation: severance pay, extra pay, vacation, or overtime hours?
  • Do you need help drafting conciliation documents?
  • Do you require representation in the Labor Arbitration Service in Madrid?
  • Are you working through a Collective Redundancy and Temporary Layoffs (ERTE) process?
  • Are you awaiting a labor claim from FOGASA (Guarantee Fund for Wage Arrears)?
  • Do you wish to claim unpaid salaries or wages as an employee?
  •  Do you need to file a unique appeal in public procurement matters?
  • Do you need an expert to review your employment contract or collective agreement?
  • Do you want to apply for benefits for incapacity, contributory retirement pension, widowhood, and non-contributory pensions?
  • Do you want to request reinstatement from your job after a dismissal?
  • What to do if the final settlement deceives you?
  • Have you been notified of dismissal while on sick leave?
  • Are you entitled to a leave of absence for child care?
  • Are you entitled to digital disconnection?
  • Can you receive unemployment benefits while working?

Therefore, to resolve all these doubts and get the highest quality service, we put genuine labor law experts at your disposal. These experts deeply understand labor regulations and will defend your interests in the Community of Madrid.

Are you looking for an expert labor law attorney?

Contact our labor law firm now and request a quote without obligation.

Every day, countless illegal situations occur at work. Therefore, if you are an employee and believe your labor rights have not been respected, you should act quickly if you want to claim.

Call us! We will carefully analyze your case and apply the Law Regulating Social Jurisdiction (LRJS), the Workers’ Statute, and the Collective Agreement of your sector to obtain significant advantages and benefits for you.

You should be aware that there are deadlines to be met, and if they expire, you may lose the opportunity to claim compensation from your company. In the case of dismissal, you have 20 days, and for payment claims, the deadline is one year.

The best labor advisors in Madrid

At the Social Security law firm, we offer comprehensive legal advice to effectively mediate conflicts in the labor, business, or Social Security fields.

In addition, the labor lawyer in Madrid has up-to-date information on the most relevant and complex cases that affect the company and the employee.

Therefore, you can benefit from extensive legal knowledge in the following areas:

  • Retirement pensions in Madrid.
  • Claims at the INSS (National Institute of Social Security).
  • Practical solutions for flexible or forced early retirement.
  • Women accessing maternity benefits.
  • Labor disability lawyers in Madrid for people on temporary, permanent, or absolute disability.
  • Strikes and workers’ unions.
  • Subcontracting and Temporary Work Agencies (ETTs).
  • Specialists in labor accidents or in itinere accidents in Madrid: slips, trips, falls, impacts, collisions, cuts, etc.
  • Workplace harassment.
  • The right to weekly rest for the worker.

Do you have a labor dispute with your company and don’t know how to proceed?

Madrid employment litigation lawyers
Madrid employment litigation lawyers

Negotiations with your It is standard that unexpected situations with the company arise during a worker’s professional life. You may need a precise response to determine whether initiating a labor lawsuit is worth it.

Now is when the labor lawyer in Madrid comes into play. He will correctly apply labor legislation and take appropriate, extrajudicial, and judicial legal actions.

We will seek the most beneficial solution for the worker in significant cases such.

Therefore, you can rely on our team of labor procedural law specialists with extensive knowledge. Negotiations and agreements with the company are our top priority!

We will also take preventive measures and actions to ensure that the labor contracts you sign comply with the law and do not harm the relationship between workers and employers during employment.

Furthermore, our employment lawyers in Madrid will keep you informed about developments in your case. You can get an immediate resolution to any labor questions or concerns that may arise, such as in the following labor areas:

  • Any new modifications that arise in labor legislation.
  • New forms of hiring.
  • Subsidies and tax benefits when hiring.
  • Your rights and obligations as an employee.
  • The legal implications of the contracts you are signing in your employment conditions.

Changes in employment contracts or labor conditions: Consult our labor lawyer in Madrid.

Madrid employment litigation lawyers.

Rodenas Abogados is a law firm in Madrid that specializes in labor law.

Our labor lawyers in Madrid provide quick and practical advice and solve the most unlikely labor issues in the following legal areas:

  • Transfers of the workplace.
  • Suspension of the employment contract.
  • Labor appeal resources.
  • Reduction of working hours due to maternity.
  • Contracts for executives, indefinite contracts, and service contracts.

Therefore, we always strive to provide the most suitable solution according to your interests in cases of termination of contract termination under article 49.1 d) of the Spanish Workers’ Statute.

Labor lawyer in Madrid: we specialize in dismissals.

One of the things that has earned us the respect of our clients is the high probability of winning a labor lawsuit because before initiating a labor lawsuit, we analyze all the evidence on the table.

I tis because dismissal cases in Madrid are not precisely easy to resolve, as many means of proof must be taken into account to calculate the correct economic compensation for dismissal:

  • A 15-day prior notice is mandatory.
  • Dismissal letters and settlements.
  • Labor conciliation records.
  • The causes of dismissal (economic, organizational, or production-related) must be determined well.
  • From the effective date you receive the dismissal letter, you have 20 days to file the conciliation document and the labor dismissal claim, with the claim for the wages during the proceedings (those not received while the dismissal claim is being resolved).

You can feel pressured to accept the dismissal indemnity proposed by the company, but don’t worry, as we will provide you with several recommendations:

  • If unsatisfied with your employer’s decision, do not sign any settlement and release documents without consulting a lawyer.
  • Likely, your employer may not want to reach an agreement in the prior conciliation at the SMAC (Arbitration and Mediation Service for Conflict Resolution), so you must exercise your rights in the Labor Courts of Madrid.
  • If the dismissal is unfair, we will claim your rights on your behalf.

For all these reasons, having the best labor lawyer in Madrid will help you know your labor rights and request the highest possible compensation.

More services as a labor lawyer in Madrid for companies, SMEs, and freelancers.

We must add that the current labor landscape is very complex for employers and workers, with the latter often being disadvantaged.

That’s why our labor law firm in Madrid strives to provide legal solutions to individuals, freelancers, SMEs, and large companies.

As a client of our legal firm, you will be aware at all times of all the steps taken by the labor lawyer in Madrid, in addition to the following matters:

  • Requesting unemployment benefits for the unemployed.
  • Work-related accidents and workers’ compensation.
  • Pro rata of extraordinary payments.
  • Requesting subsidies.
  • Compensation for the closure of the workplace.

And many more cases related to workers’ rights, which they often tend to be unaware of.

Why trust our labor lawyers in Madrid?

1. Because we offer professional treatment to individuals and companies.

It’s no wonder! We understand how delicate it is to go through such an uncomfortable situation at work. Therefore, we are convinced that your main objective is to:

  • Obtain effective solutions as quickly as possible.
  • Our labor lawyers in Madrid will assist you with exceptional capability and empathy.
  • The approach is clear, direct, personalized, and in line with your labor intentions.

Our clients consider us excellent labor lawyers in Madrid because we have extensive experience in Labor Law and always reach the best agreements with your company.

2. We have high negotiation skills.

Our specialists face new challenges and social realities affecting the worker daily to handle your case successfully.

Furthermore, we will analyze in detail the labor conflict you have with the company by applying the Workers’ Statute and the collective agreement applicable to your job.

The main objective is to provide you with all the necessary legal answers to protect your labor rights.

As soon as you contact us through the website, we will schedule a meeting to review all the documentation so that you don’t feel unprotected when facing a specific labor problem.

The best way to know the service we offer at this law firm is to call us directly and request a prior appointment with a labor lawyer in Madrid who will give you a quote tailored to your needs.

3. We are close to you, where can you find us?

  • Ródenas Abogados.
  • Calle Fernández de la Hoz, 76, Bajo, E, 28003 Madrid.
  • Autobús: 12, 14, 16, 27.
  • Metro más cercano: Gregorio Marañon y Nuevos Ministerios.

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