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Affordable divorce lawyers in Madrid

Are you considering divorce and don’t know the steps to follow? Well, our divorce lawyers in Madrid offers specialized legal advice to all those individuals who decide to end their marriage.

Once the decision to initiate a separation or divorce lawsuit is made, it is advisable to seek divorce lawyers with extensive professional experience.

We provide lawyers in Madrid with over 20 years of experience resolving various couples’ conflicts, including mutual consent, contentious divorces, parental and filial measures modifications, or legal separations.

We specialize in all marital breakups and have a high success rate at the best price in divorce cases.

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Divorce legal department

I want a divorce! Do you know your rights and obligations?

Specialized law firm in divorces
Specialized law firm in divorces

Generally, most people who come to our law firm in Madrid have many legal doubts about their rights and obligations when filing a divorce lawsuit against their partner.

  • Experts in divorces in Madrid
  • Law firm specialized in divorces
  • Do I need a divorce decree certificate?
  • How can I register a divorce decree in the Civil Registry of Madrid?
  • Can I get divorced by the Notary through a public deed?
  • What documents are needed for a divorce?
  • Are a lawyer and attorney necessary for a divorce?
  • What is the difference between separation and divorce?
  • How many types of joint custody are there?
  • Who is entitled to use the marital home?

For these reasons, it is essential to protect your interests and those of your family by knowing which lawyer handles your judicial dissolution of the marital economic regime.

Only with the help of the best divorce lawyers in Madrid will you achieve the desired results!

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Divorce attorneys in Madrid

Affordable divorce lawyers in Madrid

Especialistas en custodias compartidas en Madrid

Experts in joint custody in Madrid Do you want a friendly divorce? Well, you should know that this type of express divorce is much faster and more affordable.

In addition, both spouses or one with the other’s consent can request it, and you can use the same lawyer and attorney for both.

It usually takes between one to three months to obtain a court resolution. Don’t hesitate any longer! The savings are significant!

Are you up to what documentation you need for a divorce?

Our family lawyers in Madrid will advise you on how to request all the necessary documentation from the corresponding public administrations, such as:

  • The marriage certificate from the Civil Registry.
  • Birth certificate of minors.
  • The latest certificate of residency.
  • The signed divorce settlement agreement.
  • Marital capital deeds.

Have you reached an agreement with your partner?

Then the clauses will be reflected in a settlement agreement, which will establish the following conditions:

  • The requirements for joint custody and visitation schedules.
  • The allocation of the marital home.
  • The compensatory alimony may be a lifetime, for a predetermined period, or even a lump sum payment.
  • Child support payments.
  • The determination of ordinary and extraordinary expenses. How will the marital property be liquidated and distributed as agreed?
  • The establishment of parental authority, custody, and care.

Once the divorce petition and settlement agreement are filed with the Family Court in Madrid, the parties will be summoned for the judicial ratification of their claims.

After this procedure is completed, a judgment of approval will be issued, approving the final measures.

Then, the court will order the registration of the divorce judgment in the Civil Registry of the place where the marriage was registered.

Express Divorce in Madrid

It is a judicial process similar to a mutual consent divorce but faster and more affordable. It is regulated by Law 15/2005 on voluntary jurisdiction.

The dissolution of marriage is carried out quickly and easily, without the need to allege any cause.

In this case, it is only necessary for the spouses to agree on the decision to end the marital bond, and it can be done before a Notary.

If you want to initiate it, hiring a single attorney and attorney for divorce in Madrid is sufficient since the couple agrees on all divorce terms.

As for documentation, you will need the same as in a mutual consent divorce or legal separation, i.e., a previously drafted settlement agreement.

Therefore, the best way to end a marriage is amicable. We can also handle express divorce online. Need legal help?

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Contested Divorces Lawyers in Madrid

Divorce legal experts in Madrid

Best Divorce Lawyer in Madrid The contested divorce process is a bit more complex, as the parties do not agree on the measures to be taken.

Therefore, this process goes through the stages of a verbal trial and lasts approximately six months to a year until the Judge finally grants the marital dissolution.

In addition, the petition for contested divorce will be filed separately by each party with their lawyer and attorney since their interests differ.

Once admitted for processing, the defendant will be given twenty business days to respond to the divorce petition.

In that response, the positions and all relevant evidence must be fixed to obtain a sentence that aligns with their interests.

It is worth noting that when the conflict between the parties is significant, they may request the urgent adoption of provisional and coetaneous measures to the divorce following Article 771 of the Spanish Civil Procedure Law (LEC).

And finally, in the oral trial, the following circumstances will be discussed:

  • Parental authority after the divorce.
  • Custody of minor children.
  • Visitation rights of the non-custodial parent, as it is the right of children to enjoy the company of both parents.
  • Amount of child support and the regime for extraordinary expenses.
  • Alimony.
  • Lastly, the attribution of the family home.

Once the oral trial concludes, the Judge will issue a divorce judgment that will establish the requested measures the parties will follow and the economic regime will be extinguished.

If you are unsatisfied with the Judge’s decision, you can appeal this unfavorable judgment before the Provincial Court of Madrid.

And for a contested divorce, what do you need?

Our law firm specializes in contested divorces in Madrid and will assist you with all the required documentation for the specific case.

The fundamental documents are as follows:

  • Marriage certificate.
  • Birth certificates of the children.
  • The latest certificate of residency.
  • If there are marital capitulations deeds, they must be presented.
  • Income tax returns for the last two years.
  • Receipts of various expenses related to the children.
  • Receipts of household expenses.
  • Witness statements, if applicable.

What is the price of a divorce lawyer in Madrid?

Price of divorce lawyer in Madrid

The cost will depend on the type of divorce you choose. Do you need legal assistance in the Family Courts located at Calle Francisco de Servás No. 10 in Madrid?

For mutual consent divorces, the price is lower for the couple since the same lawyer and attorney can represent them.

Contact the best family lawyer in Madrid now to request a quote with no obligation. We surely have a solution for you!

Not sure whether to separate or divorce?

Separation and divorce are different terms. The main difference is that separation is not a definitive breakup and does not dissolve the marital bond, while divorce does.

For example, a person can remarry after a divorce, whereas in separation, they cannot, as the marital bond still exists.

We also handle separations in Madrid.

Separation is a legal concept that falls between divorce and marriage.

Therefore, it could be said to consist of a suspension of the marriage, not dissolution.

It also has other effects, such as:

  • The spouses are not obliged to live together in the marital home.
  • After separation, the parties liquidate the marital economic regime, meaning they are governed by separate property and act as if they were not married.
  • The legal custody of the children, child support, and visitation rights are established.
  • When there is an economic imbalance between the spouses, alimony may be awarded from one spouse to another.
  • The spouses lose their inheritance rights.

There are two types of separation: de facto and judicial, and they have legal and patrimonial consequences. Here’s an explanation of each, their advantages, and how to proceed:

1. De facto separation:

It means that legally, the couple is still married because there is no court ruling declaring the dissolution of the marriage.

For this reason, the property relations of the spouses remain regulated by the same economic regime.

Therefore, in this situation, seeking advice from a divorce lawyer in Madrid is advisable to prevent potential problems.

Also, a lawyer can guide you through the necessary steps for separation and to legalize the marital situation.

2. Judicial separation:

It requires filing a legal separation lawsuit, which will legally suspend the marriage.

The spouses can decide freely about their property from the moment the judgment is obtained.

The process to request judicial separation can be carried out in two ways:

a. By mutual agreement.

b. Contested judicial separation.

The only requirement is that the marriage must have lasted for three months before initiating the separation process.

The liquidation of community property after the dissolution of the marriage

We also draft the claim to liquidate community property to be awarded to the spouses. In this sense, we carry out the following division operations:

  • Liquidation of mortgages.
  • Sale of real estate owned by the spouses.
  • Allocation of property to one of the spouses in exchange for compensation.

We recommend that divorce proceedings be handled amicably, as attorney fees are lower when you don’t have to go to court.

Rodenas Legal

Have you divorced or separated and want to modify the parental custody measures?

In that case, before making any decisions, it is advisable to consult our divorce lawyers in Madrid, along with the representation of a solicitor who will facilitate all the procedures.

In this procedure, regulated by Article 775 of the Spanish Civil Procedure Law, the measures established in the settlement agreement are reviewed, and the request must be presented to the Family Court, where the definitive measures were established.

You should know that this modification can be initiated either by mutual agreement or in a contested manner:

  • The interested party must prove a substantial change in family circumstances that justifies their request. To do so, they must present all the documents that support their claims.
  • There must be a significant and permanent change compared to the initial situation. The reasons for requesting a new modification of measures in favor of the children are as follows:
    • Changes in the economic situation of one of the parents due to unemployment or improved economic position. It may lead to a modification of child support.
    • New maternity or paternity of the person who must pay child support.
    • Moving or relocating to another city due to work reasons.
    • The children’s growth to prioritize their needs according to their developmental stage.

The change must be significant and occur after the sentence. The situation that is presenting itself has not been intentionally caused, and it is estimated to last for a while. Proof of the new situation by the petitioners is necessary.

Therefore, this modification can apply to joint custody, visitation arrangements, or child support.

How can our divorce lawyers in Madrid help you?

As we mentioned before, it is part of our work philosophy always to try to handle the procedures amicably, as otherwise, it would negatively impact the quality of life for both parents and any minor children involved.

However, when the situation becomes unsustainable, and there are substantial reasons to end the marital bond, we can take the following legal actions before the Family Courts in Madrid:

  • Filing petitions for mutual consent or contested divorce or separation.
  • Drafting the settlement agreement: including using the family home, alimony, child support, custody, and visitation arrangements.
  • Modifying parental custody measures.
  • Dissolving the matrimonial economic regime.
  • Liquidating and distributing community property.
  • Filing complaints for non-payment of child support.

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