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Law Firm of Criminal Defense Attorneys in Madrid

Our criminal lawyers in Madrid are specialists in criminal law. We are dedicated to representing victims and also individuals and corporations accused of committing one or multiple offenses.

Criminal defense attorneys work on the following aspects:

  1. Legal advice: We assist clients in understanding their legal rights, analyzing the charges they face, and potential defense strategies in their case, as well as the consequences of an unfavorable verdict.
  2. Representation in criminal trials: We provide representation during the trial, ensuring strict compliance with all legal procedures, presenting relevant evidence, and formulating appropriate arguments in favor of our client.
  3. Negotiation of agreements: In exceptional cases, the criminal defense attorney may consider negotiating an agreement with the prosecutor where the accused pleads guilty in exchange for a more lenient sentence or reduced penalties.
  4. Filing appeals: If the client is found guilty, we can appeal to the higher court to reverse or reduce the sentence judgment.

In summary, our law firm in Madrid defends clients accused of crimes and protects their rights and freedoms throughout the criminal process.

The importance of a criminal defense attorney

When someone is the victim or is presumptive in committing a crime, it is crucial to have criminal defense attorneys in Madrid who can help you address your concerns and provide concrete answers.

Our specialists stand out for their thorough analysis of your criminal case and ability to resolve your legal issues with professionalism, speed, and empathy.

Keep in mind that we are true Criminal Law professionals. Therefore, we will provide specific legal solutions to complex problems, regardless of the circumstances and severity of the charges against you.

Looking for a Criminal Lawyer in Madrid?

Contact our law firm now and request a no-obligation quote.

If you have an ongoing criminal case and don’t know what to do, you can consult with us without commitment.

Tell us about your case now! Our legal firm specializes in criminal law and is ready to give its all to defend and fight for your interests.

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Legal services as a criminal lawyer in Madrid

The best criminal lawyer in Spain
Legal services as a criminal lawyer in Madrid

The most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Spain Law firm. Specializing in Criminal Law

Need advice in the legal area? You should know that criminal law is our passion; we have hundreds of satisfied clients.

We do our work with full conviction, always aiming to provide the highest quality legal service in the criminal area. We have a team of urgent criminal defense lawyers in Madrid to give you all the legal support you need. They have a high percentage of successful verdicts in various cases.

We act both as prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our clients can feel safe in both situations!

The presumption of innocence is fundamental to proving a crime in Madrid.

Please send us all the evidence! We will take care of the rest…

What are the most common cases we handle in the criminal defense attorneys’ law firm in Madrid?

Seek help from expert criminal defense attorneys in Madrid. Get advice from experts for everything from minor offenses to complex crimes.

Madrid crimes vary widely, as each has distinct characteristics. However, depending on the protected legal interest violated, we can classify them into different types.

  1. We assist individuals and corporations with economic crimes:
    • Robbery, fraud, and theft.
    • Crimes of mismanagement.
    • Improper appropriation lawyers in Madrid.
    • Concealment of assets and money laundering.
    • Corporate crimes.
  2. Crimes against individuals:
    • Different complaints for attempted murder and homicide.
    • Lawsuits for defamation and slander.
    • Traffic accidents with personal and material damages.
    • Abandonment of family for non-payment of child support.
    • Bullying or school harassment.
    • Mobbing or workplace harassment.
    • Lawyers for domestic violence in Madrid.
    • Threats and coercion.
    • Bullying Lawyers in Madrid.
    • Lawyers for sexual abuse in Madrid. Sexual harassment.
  3. Traffic Safety:
    • Speedy trials for DUI in Madrid.
    • Reckless driving and driving without points.
  4. Public Health: Drug trafficking in Madrid.
  5. Falsification of documents.

In what types of criminal proceedings do we intervene?

Each client is different and has peculiarities. Let us help you get all the latest and, of course, truthful information.

We are one of the most experienced criminal defense law firms in Madrid, with over 20 years of proven experience in the following criminal procedures:

  • Fast-track procedures.
  • Immediate trial for minor offenses under 400 euros.
  • Juvenile proceedings.
  • Abbreviated procedures.
  • Ordinary procedures.
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court.
  • European Court of Human Rights.
  • As well as appeals to the Constitutional Court.

Do you know how much we charge? Well, the price varies, as it depends on the services of the law firm in Madrid, the severity, and the urgency of the case.

Even so, we always offer payment facilities!

Please consult with our criminal defense attorney in Madrid.

Our special attention to detail, illegal behaviors, and all types of evidence and witnesses set us apart.

Our law firm has excellent criminal defense attorneys in Madrid who can address all your legal doubts 24 hours a day.

If the police or the court have called you to testify as a suspect, don’t worry. We will accompany you and inform you thoroughly about legal consequences and alternatives to reduce penalties.

1. We will analyze all the evidence

We study cases in-depth and analyze all the evidence holistically. To this end, we request all necessary evidence-gathering measures to investigate and clarify the facts:

  • We verify the falsity or truthfulness of contradictory facts.
  • We conduct interviews with direct, indirect, or reference witnesses.
  • We examine objects or pieces of evidence related to the crime.
  • We analyze documentary evidence: expert forensic reports from medical professionals, handwriting experts, etc.
  • Additionally, we assess whether all this evidence is relevant, useful, and necessary according to criminal law principles to present them in the trial.

2. Study the facts’ plausibility or credibility

Another variable to consider is the plausibility or credibility of the facts. That is, it is possible to predict facts based on logic and human experience based on the evidence presented.

3. Request the nullity of video and audio evidence in criminal cases

Our criminal defense attorneys in Madrid request the nullity of all evidence that disregards constitutional guarantees and lacks validity (poisonous tree theory) based on the following criteria:

  • Ensure the image’s authenticity, originality, traceability, or integrity.
  • Video recording violates personal and family privacy. For example, using a hidden camera to coerce someone into filing a complaint because they are not performing well at work due to medical issues.
  • Evidence recorded inside homes, protected spaces, and public places such as restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, etc., is invalid. Article 6 of Instruction 1/2006 and Law 4/1997 of August 4, regulating the use of security cameras by the State Security Forces and Corps, establishes that the retention period for surveillance images is one month.

4. Detect illegal and criminal evidence that violates privacy

It is illegal because it violates the personal and bodily privacy rights established in Article 18 of the Spanish Constitution. There is abundant Constitutional Court jurisprudence rejecting this type of evidence and considering it null.

Article 18.3 CE states: “It guarantees the secrecy of communications and, in particular, of postal, telegraphic, and telephone communications, except by court resolution.”

And Article 11 of the Judicial Power Organic Law establishes the consequence: “Evidence obtained, directly or indirectly, by violating fundamental rights or freedoms shall have no effect.”

Our criminal defense attorneys in Madrid find nullities in substance and form. It is due to non-compliance with legal norms, European treaties, or jurisprudence applied to the case.

We establish the most effective line of criminal defense in Madrid, seeking the material truth by requesting the implementation of whatever evidence-gathering measures are necessary to clarify the facts.

Need urgent legal assistance for a detainee in Madrid Police Station?

Criminal defense lawyers in Madrid
We specialize in detentions in Madrid and the surrounding areas

If a family member or friend has been detained, you may feel worried about the situation and need information about what is happening.

With the guidance of our criminal defense lawyers in Madrid from our law firm, you will receive a fair defense and answers to all your inquiries.

In such cases, the Judicial Police or Civil Guard of the area will inform the family about the detention.

We urgently appear at the Police Station or Duty Court you specify in less than an hour.

Call us. We offer personalized service to detainees 24 hours a day throughout Madrid.

If the alleged offender cannot be located, the necessary procedures will be carried out to detain them and take their statement as a suspect.

For this reason, it is crucial to be represented by a specialist who can advise you on what to say or not.

The intervention of cheap criminal defense lawyers in Madrid may bring more disadvantages than advantages.

What should we do if police detention in Madrid?

When this happens, you should not be alarmed. It is essential to follow the following advice:

  • We recommend that you call a criminal lawyer in Madrid immediately. We will calm you down and explain the reasons for the detention and the potential legal consequences.
  • Fundamentally, the criminal lawyer can make quick and intelligent decisions. It is because a significant part of the criminal procedure is decided in the early stages of detention.
  • You must communicate all the details of where, how, and why the events occurred, as well as the presence of any witnesses, etc.

We are not your enemy, quite the opposite; we are professionals primarily here to help you solve the problem. Mutual trust is vital for everything to go well.

Any detail that you consider private or hesitate to disclose could be decisive in getting out of your serious situation.

Remember that any spontaneous statement made at the police station could harm you.

We advise you to consult with a criminal defense lawyer in Madrid before making any statements.

In these cases, more than ever, the saying “prevention is better than cure” applies because hiring the most experienced criminal defense lawyer in Madrid is preferable, as saving money in this situation could be costly in the end.

Rodenas Abogados

Rights during police detention in Madrid

We are your trustworthy criminal defense lawyers in Madrid. As such, we accompany you during detention at the National Police Station in Madrid due to committing a criminal offense.

Here are some of the police stations where we provide legal assistance to detainees in Madrid:

  • Madrid Central Police Station, Madrid Retiro, Calle Luna Madrid, Madrid South District, Leganitos Madrid, Madrid Airport, and San Blas Madrid.

1. You have the right to communicate your arrest to a family member or friend

The first step when a person is arrested is to communicate the arrest to a family member or friend. This not only serves to make them aware of what happened, but also so that the family member can also designate a trusted criminal lawyer in Madrid.

The detainee has to get involved with the lawyer and communicate everything he saw or heard so that he can work optimally in the defense.

2. You have the right not to testify and not to confess guilt

Not only do you have the option not to testify if you do not want to, but you also have an obligation not to testify against yourself. First, the right thing to do is speak with a criminal defense law firm in Madrid, who can guide you through the detention.

If you know there is evidence that could incriminate you, it is advisable to exercise your constitutional right not to testify. Instead, prepare a statement later with an optimal defense strategy. Furthermore, every detained and investigated person has the right to know the charges against them. They can view the police report and the complete judicial file before the start of criminal proceedings in the Investigating Courts of Madrid.

3. You have the right to be examined by a forensic doctor

If you are injured or hurt during the detention, the police must take you to the nearest hospital. The medical professionals will issue a medical report that you can use as evidence in the criminal procedure.

Each case is different, but for example, if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the offense, we can request a hair or urine toxicology test from the Forensic Toxicology Service to reduce or mitigate the future sentence.

In addition, if you are a first-time offender, the professionals at the law firm can use this test to request the suspension of imprisonment under article 80.5 of the Criminal Code for five years in cases of drug addiction, thus avoiding jail.

Do you need an urgent lawyer in Madrid? We assist in Police Stations and Courts throughout Madrid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Experts in criminology

Do you know who the most effective criminal defense lawyer is?

Madrid’s most competent criminal defense lawyer listens to you, informs you, and provides the legal certainty you need.

They are the ones who do not tell you what you want to hear but tell you the truth and correctly apply the Criminal Code. They can redirect the investigation, establish the most effective prosecution strategies for your case, and even exceed your expectations.

Therefore, if you are accused of a crime or charged with the alleged commission of a crime, you should remain calm and not lose your composure.

Rodenas Abogados

Rodenas Abogados will do their best to perform perfectly on an ongoing criminal case. Remember that there is always time, ways, and strategies to reverse the situation and find a suitable legal solution for your interests.

Do you want to file a criminal complaint in Madrid?

Starting a criminal procedure with a professional, not an expert, could harm your life and assets.

  • We accompany you to the nearest Police Station, Civil Guard, or Duty Court to file the complaint.
  • We can also draft a complaint if you are unsure if saying something might harm you. A lawyer can explain the situation with full assurance if you file a complaint.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to call a criminal defense lawyer in Madrid with sufficient resources to achieve your acquittal. It will minimize penalties as much as possible.

Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is paramount!

Sometimes, decisions made by a previous attorney can negatively impact the process. You need real solutions!

That’s why having an honest and trustworthy professional who tells you things as they are is crucial.

It would help if you had a criminal defense lawyer in Madrid who understands the real situation you are facing through. Additionally, it is essential to quickly recognize the different scenarios you may face and predict a certain outcome.

Get legal assistance now with our criminal defense lawyer in Madrid at the best price

If you are involved in a criminal case, you can request our help. Request legal services through our website, whether you are the aggrieved party, a victim, or the alleged perpetrator of a crime, at a reasonably low price.

No matter the procedural stage of a criminal case, you will have the most experienced lawyers fighting for your interests and freedom. Request a consultation through our website for more information.

If you already know us and are happy with our service, please send us a positive review.

Where can you find us?

  • Ródenas Abogados.
  • 76 Fernández de la Hoz Street, Ground Floor E, Postal Code 28003, Madrid.
  • Bús: 12, 14, 16, 27.
  • Nearest Metro stations: Gregorio Marañón y Nuevos Ministerios.

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