Corporate lawyers in Madrid

Corporate lawyers in Madrid

Our corporate lawyers in Madrid assist individuals, companies, and freelancers in their commercial legal relationships, regardless of their size or the complexity of the case.

Need quality advice? Our main mission as specialized lawyers in commercial law in Madrid is to ensure that the partners and administrators of your commercial company comply with the regulatory framework.

To achieve this, we will thoroughly study your business and design unique strategies for specific issues.

And that’s not all! At Rodenas Abogados, we instruct entrepreneurs to conduct their commercial actions based on values such as honesty and responsible business conduct, providing support in court if necessary.

What are you waiting for? We have a team of professionals with vast experience in all types of business expansion and growth processes.

Together, we will assert your rights and improve the productivity of your company!

Legal Services as corporate lawyers in Madrid

Commercial Law Firm in Madrid
Law firm specialized in Commercial Law.

Our law firm in Madrid offers advice on all aspects related to the commercial activities of your company at both national and international levels.

How do we do it? By applying commercial law and ensuring compliance with established processes that every orderly entrepreneur must have.

We are delighted to hear about your business. We tailor our services to your needs, proposing effective and profitable solutions.

Furthermore, we offer professional legal advice in any daily activity of your company, including:

  1. Legal representation in the commercial Courts of Madrid for cases of administrator liability or supplier non-payment.
  2. Mortgage foreclosures.
  3. Representation in creditor contests: debt refinancing, waivers, and grace periods.
  4. Legal advice in the constitution, dissolution, and liquidation of public and private limited companies.
  5. Consultation on restructuring processes: mergers, acquisitions, and divisions.
  6. Corporate operations of capital reduction and increase.
  7.  Preparation and modification of company bylaws.
  8. Representation in Boards of Directors and General Shareholder Meetings. Review of all minutes or agreements adopted within the different commercial areas of the company.
  9. Mediation in the resolution of all types of corporate disputes, labor contracts, separation or exclusion of partners, or commercial issues with suppliers.
  10. Preparation of commercial contracts for sale, financing, leasing, confidentiality agreements, asset management, among others. Financial investments. Fiscal and accounting audit of annual accounts.

Looking for a commercial Lawyer in Madrid??

Contact our law firm now and request a quote with no obligation.

Are you thinking about setting up a business in Madrid?

If you wish to create a company, certain requirements must be met. It is advisable to seek advice from a specialized corporate lawyer who understands your business model needs.

Our corporate lawyers madrid in Madrid will advise you honestly which type of company is best for you:

  • Establishment of public limited companies.
  • Limited liability companies.

As well as collective and limited partnerships. Therefore, we handle all the procedures for company establishment:

  • Applying for the Negative Certification of Name at the commercial Registry of Madrid.
  • Requesting the opening of a bank account in the company’s name.
  • Accreditation of bank deposits in any bank that is not a mandatory bank.
  • Drafting the bylaws of the newly formed commercial company.
  • Accompanying the partners in signing the deed of the company before a Notary.
  • Requesting the Tax Identification Code, which is done at the Tax Office’s Delegation with model 037.
  • Payment of the transfer tax to the Tax Office of the Community of Madrid.
  • Registration and publication of the company on the commercial Registry and declaration of activities commencement.
  • Registration with Social Security.
  • Commercial entrepreneurs and activities registered in the registry.

With the services of our specialists in company and corporate law, you can always ensure the proper continuity of your public limited or limited liability company.

Moreover, we will explain the tax and business advantages of the different options.

Legal advice for Madrid businesses

Corporate law regulates the commercial activities of corporations in accordance with the current regulations in the Companies Act.

The most common corporate disputes include shareholder power within the organization, financial matters, or differing visions of future decisions.

To avoid any contingencies that threaten your company’s stability, it is advisable to entrust these matters to experts in corporate conflicts.

These problems can cause serious harm to the company and must be resolved by someone who knows commercial law perfectly.

For this purpose, we implement efficient commercial management and mediation mechanisms to resolve business disputes in the following cases:

  • Challenging and modifying social agreements.
  • Resolving economic conflicts between majority and minority shareholders.

How to avoid them?

Corporate conflicts are solved by appropriate legal protection mechanisms. Finally, the relevant legal actions can be filed in court.

For example, a suitable solution may involve increased inclusion of clauses in contracts and action protocols in the company’s bylaws, which our business lawyers can draft.

Another method to safeguard the company is through solid social agreements and shareholder agreements. This establishes the fundamental clauses of the commercial relationship between partners:

  • Exiting and incorporating partners.
  • Non-competition clauses.
  • Economic and political rights of partners, among others.

We specialize in corporate restructuring in Madrid

Corporate restructuring, whether related to family business succession or not, is a process of change an organization undergoes to adapt and transform into another business model.

In other words, changing activities allows you to improve your operations and remain competitive.

It is also used to adapt to different market trends, such as technological changes, or to improve efficiency at all levels.

Corporate restructuring occurs according to reasons that promote changes within the company.

We can distinguish the following restructuring models:

A. Internal restructuring of the company

This aims to be more profitable by reducing partners’ expenses so that it can continue its activities and have sound accounting.

According to our corporate lawyers madrid in Madrid, internal restructuring of the company involves analyzing the organization to seek better efficiency in the functioning of different departments.

This process will solve the following problems:

Interdepartmental communication and task performance.

Organization growth requires restructuring to achieve higher productivity.

Adaptation to changes in financial situation, the market, or new technologies already adopted by your competitors.

B. Financial restructuring

Financial restructuring refers to company assets and debts. This type of restructuring includes joint operations, acquisitions, and mergers.

This type of restructuring occurs when a company is acquired by another, merged with another, or changes ownership.

C. Technological restructuring

In a technological restructuring, a company must adapt to technological advances when incorporating new technology. These changes often directly affect company employees.

Expert Commercial Lawyers in Madrid in Insolvency Law

Insolvency law is one of the main branches of the commercial law department. It regulates judicial procedures for insolvency proceedings.

We assist you throughout all stages of the insolvency process to resolve financial insolvency problems with creditors.

Our main objective is to prevent company closure and liquidation!

The primary goal is to maintain good commercial relationships between creditors and debtors.

This improves financial and commercial security in trade.

We also seek refinancing agreements with creditors or extrajudicial payment agreements.

In other words, we ensure sufficient liquidity for debtors to meet their commitments and obligations in a manner regulated by law.

We take care of all the legal paperwork and establish the best strategies to settle your debts.

We support all matters related to voluntary and necessary insolvency proceedings.

Our team of specialized lawyers seek extrajudicial payment agreements, a logical payment order in the list of debts, and the most suitable measures for all parties involved.

Is your company suffering through a crisis? With our professionals, we will try reduce your debt.

Additionally, we closely monitor every development in the business liquidation process. Inquire about our professional fees!

Other Areas of Commercial Law Practice

The specialization of commercial lawyers in Madrid is vast, but we highlight the following areas:

  • Corporate Law: The specialist in this branch of commercial law resolves conflicts between entrepreneurs and traders.
  • Labor Law: This specialist handles labor relations between employers and employees.
  • Maritime Law: A law based primarily on traders’ actions.
  • Specialization in Progressive Law: The specialist in this branch constantly updates or follows the social and economic conditions of a society, as well as the impact of commercial activities on the company.
  • Exchange Law: This branch of law focuses on negotiable instruments, stocks, and investments.

Where can you find us?

On our commercial lawyers’ website, you can find the right solution for your business matters. Simply contact us or send us an email with your inquiry.

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