Administrative lawyers in Madrid

Administrative Lawyers in Madrid

Our administrative lawyers in Madrid specializes in and has extensive experience in providing legal representation before different Public Administrations (City Hall, Autonomous Community, and State) on most industry and financial sectors, including banking, energy, telecommunications, water, automotive and real estate.

Clients who come to our law firm in Madrid are always companies or individuals who have suffered harm or have doubts about proceeding with licenses, permits, or administrative appeals.

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Legal Services as a Litigitation Administrative Lawyers in Madrid

Our expert administrative law attorney offers services with the best value for money. We file allegations and appear in sanctioning procedures, and handle appeals in the following areas of action:

1. Environment

  • Administrative authorizations and licenses.
  • Legal, environmental, and urban audits.
  • Hunting Offenses and Penalties.

2. Public contracts

  • Urban planning
  • Negotiation of urban planning agreements.
  • Land projects through the drafting of management instruments, planning, and land execution.
  • Legal assistance to urbanization and urban planning entities.
  • Procurement processes for building and urbanization work.
  • Contracts for real estate consultancy, construction, project management, and architecture, among others.
  • Forced expropriations.
  • Tender for the renovation of a building by the Ministry of Education due to irregularities in the documentation.
  • Challenge of the cadastral value of a property.
  • Administrative and public contracts.

4. Tax and Financial

  • Economic-administrative claims.
  • Filing administrative appeals.
  • Debt installment and deferral.
  • Madrid lawyers for appealing fines.

5. Healthcare

Claims for financial liability to public hospitals: medical negligence, accidents in public transportation, etc.

7. Data Protection

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Organic Law on Data Protection.

Data protection involves keeping personal information secure and deciding whether to share or grant access to specific data. Our data protection lawyers in Madrid can advise your company on compliance with these two matters:

  • Matters related to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).
  • Rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition (ARCO).
  • The Organic Law regulates it on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights 3/2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679, which applies throughout the European Union.

It aims to establish a common European framework for data protection so that a single law across the European Union governs all companies handling personal data.

8. Forced Expropriation

Forced expropriation occurs when specific properties are considered of social interest or public utility. It also involves other elements, such as fair compensation or indemnification paid to the expropriated party and the right of reversion.

The right of reversion allows the affected party to reclaim the property if the reason for the takeover ceases to exist.

The types of expropriations include the following:

  • Properties of archaeological, artistic, or historical value.
  • For public works or colonization purposes.
  • Industrial property, by zones or groups of assets.
  • When the property does not comply with its social function.
  • Due to reasons of national security and defense.
  • For urban planning or local entities.

9. Public Subsidies

The General Subsidies Law regulates public subsidies and consist of the provision of funds by Public Administrations for the benefit of private or public entities. The beneficiaries must meet the following requirements:

  • The funds are provided without a counterpart from the beneficiaries.
  • The funds must be used for a specific objective, such as carrying out an activity, executing a project, or adopting a particular behavior to be developed or already carried out.
  • The beneficiary must comply with the formal and material obligations established.
  • The funded situation, project, conduct, or action must aim to promote an activity of social interest or public utility.

10. Licenses and Permits

Licenses and permits are necessary procedures for every small business owner to carry out their commercial activity. The requirements vary depending on the state and the type of business.

Types of Licenses and Permits

There are different types of licenses and permits that businesses need to remain operational. These include:

  • Professional, commercial, local, trade name, and sales tax licenses.
  • Safety, health, signage, and residential occupancy permits.

11. Cyberlaw

Cyberlaw is a new branch of law that has emerged due to the rise of the internet and cyberspace. Its purpose is to address the legal issues that arise in the digital realm.

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Do you need advice in Admnistrative Law in Madrid?

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It is a branch of public law regulating the organization, functioning, powers, and duties of public services through judicial means.

Our law firm handles all types of issues with the Administration. Therefore, we are dedicated with utmost rigor to mediating the legal relations between citizens and the Administration in the Administrative Litigation jurisdiction.

The main objective of the administrative lawyer in Madrid is to defend the rights of citizens in their relations with the Administration and rationalize the exercise of public power in favor of the community.

Our specialized administrative lawyer in Madrid is constantly updated in all types of cases related to public regulations, and we have a high success rate.

In which phases do we intervene?

We participate in two phases:

We assist you in the administrative procedure phase.

The administrative procedure phase is regulated by Law 30/1992, dated November 26, on the Legal Regime of the Common Administrative Procedure and the Public Administrations.

We represent you in the judicial and administrative phases.

This phase begins after the previous administrative procedure. It is regulated by Law 29/1998, dated July 13, and is responsible for regulating the Administrative Litigation Jurisdiction.

Do you want to file a claim with the Public Administration?

It is a simple written request submitted to a public body to assert a specific right. This procedure aims to have the organization evaluate the claim, and if it is deemed fair, the claim is recognized to avoid legal action.

Our administrative lawyer in Madrid handles any procedure and provides advice on all matters related to the services offered by the Administration.

Do you want to file an administrative litigation appeal against the Administration of Madrid?

These are legal instruments that a person can use to challenge administrative acts that harm them.

Our administrative lawyers in Madrid file this type of appeal when the administrative process has been exhausted and it is presented to the Administrative Courts.

  • We handle both abbreviated and ordinary procedures.
  • Administrative negative silence: the deadline of 2 months to file an administrative litigation appeal.
  • We also have a department of immigration lawyers in Madrid to process any negative resolution regarding residence in Spain.

Types of Administrative Appeals We File

In our law firm specializing in administrative law in Madrid, we file all types of administrative appeals. The main ones are explained below:

1. Preparation of Appeals for Review (“Recursos de Alzada”)

This appeal is filed against a resolution or qualified procedural act that does not conclude the administrative process. It is used to challenge the competent authority or the hierarchical superior who issued the resolution, and the intervention of an administrative lawyer in Madrid or a legal representative is not required.

The deadline for filing is one month from the date of notification for explicit acts, and for presumed acts, it can be filed at any time from the date the silence occurred.

If the three-month period established by the law elapses without a resolution, the silence will be considered harmful, except in the case provided for in article 24.1, third paragraph.

2. Filing of Remedial Appeals (“Recursos de Reposición”)

This appeal is filed against an act or resolution that concludes the administrative process. It can be filed voluntarily before the relevant authority, and the challenge can also be made directly before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

If the deadline set by the law elapses without obtaining a response, the silence will be considered a rejection of the appeal. In this case, the extraordinary request for review or an administrative litigation appeal can be pursued.

The deadline for explicit acts is one month from the date of notification, and for presumed acts, it is from the day following the resolution by silence. Call now to our specialized administrative lawyers in Madrid.

3. Extraordinary Appeal for Review (“Recurso Extraordinario de Revisión”)

For this appeal to be granted, some of the following conditions must be met:

  • An error of fact was made when the judgment was rendered.
  • New specific and valuable documents are available for the resolution of the case.
  • The existence of testimony or documents declared false through a judicial judgment.
  • The existence of a proven judgment caused by acts of violence, bribery, perversion of justice, fraudulent intrigue, or any punishable behavior.

The silence will be considered a final rejection if the deadline elapses without obtaining a response. In the case of filing the appeal due to an error of fact in the resolution, the deadline is four years from the date of notification, and for any other reason, the deadline is three months.

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